Wireless Security Systems

download pdfWith wireless security systems the absence of cabling provides clear benefits – it is much easier and simpler to install, no phone lines are required and it can be redeployed in any new location giving major reductions in overall security costs.


Portable Tower Cabin is a stand alone Wireless Security SystemsAt many locations where it would be desirable to use CCTV and benefit from it’s the proven crime deterrent effect, it’s simply not practical or would be cost prohibitive to install conventional wired units. There is however an alternative to the conventional wired systems that most companies are now familiar with and that is wireless security systems.  Tag Systems pioneered the development of wireless CCTV and were one of the first companies in Europe to use the mobile phone network for the transmission framework resulting in two UK government ‘Smart’ awards for innovation.

Our wireless security systems function in exactly the same way as conventional CCTV cameras but without the need for cabling.  In many instances it can be integrated with our wireless alarm systems to further enhance the deterrent and detection impact.

As with all Tag Systems wireless security solutions our wireless CCTV is backed up by a 24-hour central monitoring service and we can react instantly to any incident alerting on-site security, mobile patrols or the police.

Current customers include councils, police community support departments, utility providers, rail companies, construction companies and major contractors.

Wireless Security System Installation

In the past, even a simple wired system could be expensive and disruptive to install. Monitoring was hardly straightforward either, with images being recorded and needing a certain amount of monitoring and managing. In any industry there are two crucial purposes for wireless solutions; reducing theft and protecting staff. Both are key commercial concerns and CCTV has long been a standard way in which to achieve results. While CCTV cameras can provide some protection by acting as a deterrent to both theft and attacks, their main function in the event of either tends to be for use as evidence.  While this is important it can still mean plenty of headaches for owners and managers. The wireless alternative, however, makes it far easier to monitor events live and to catch issues before (or as) they develop. For smaller businesses this can make a big difference.

Access All Areas

Most modern CCTV cameras are now digital and there are numerous choices when it comes to the price and specifications. However, the continual development of the wireless security systems can offer the best solution in terms of cost and also in terms of flexibility. Wireless systems can be connected direct to your existing wireless network and this allows you to access live images or videos from just about anywhere. Again, this feature is particularly suitable for small firms and also for home-owners.  Thanks to the rise of the smart-phone, combined with wireless CCTV, this creates devices which allow you to access live images from any location you wish. Whether it’s your PC in the back office or your laptop or phone while you’re on the go, live feeds can be quickly accessed at any time. This real-time, live element and the easy access to it makes it ideal for any size of firm and makes the job of managing staff and spotting crime much easier than it has ever been in the past.

Criminals In-House

Many firms (large and small) also choose to monitor their own employees for both staff safety reasons and also to detect internal theft.  While staff safety is paramount, the latter reason for monitoring also looms large in many employers’ minds. Fitting the easy-to-access option that wireless security systems offer can make all the difference to encouraging employee loyalty and lowering in-house crime.

Extended Reach

Apart from the lack of cabling (a big plus in itself) the wireless option can be even more flexible than a traditional wired solution. Wireless systems can be installed at any location within the premises and the only restriction in relation to location is the reach of your WiFi network. So long as there is a signal, the camera will work. This makes it perfectly possible to install wireless CCTV in locations that other systems just can’t reach. Individual cameras are allocated an IP address of their own – which means that you can access them and importantly, control them individually. Again, control can be done from your location, whether that’s another premises or the beach.

Remote Monitoring Options

Many security firms who offer security systems also have monitoring facilities which makes the option even more attractive. Having the time to monitor CCTV images on a live basis has always been a big downside to any monitoring system of this type, regardless of whether wires are involved or not! In the case of wireless systems their innate flexibility makes monitoring the system yourself much easier but it also makes remote monitoring a simpler task. The systems can be accessed and controlled from anywhere on a wide range of devices. However, incidents, whatever their nature, can occur very quickly. Monitoring adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Remote monitoring options mean that if an incident does occur, it will be picked up rapidly and the police, key-holder or emergency services can be contacted in real-time.

At the core of Tag Systems wireless solutions is our central monitoring system, so lets take a look at how wireless systems work.

If a crime incident occurs, for example an intruder activates an alarm, is seen on camera or picked up by a movement detector, our wireless security products send a signal via the mobile network which alerts our remote monitoring control room that operates 24/7 and 365 days a year. We then notify a mobile security patrol, key holder or the police so they can go and investigate. This sequence happens quickly and time and time again it has lead to criminals being caught red-handed.

How Wireless Systems Work

Wireless systems

These key benefits of a mobile CCTV solution are:

  • Totally portable – move to any location or position you wnt
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Less costly than manned guarding
  • Re-use the equipment at different sites for long term savings
  • CCTV images can be transmitted to any PC or laptop with wireless capability
  • Wireless CCTV images can be viewed on site or via remote monitoring from virtually any location
  • Less vulnerable – no cables to cut to deactivate the equipment
  • A fraction of the cost of manned guarding

Unlike manned guarding our equipment doesn’t fall asleep on the job, take extended tea breaks or disappear off site altogether – it operates 24/7 and 365 days a year.


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