CCTV Cameras On Wall

Why Video Surveillance Is Important In The Construction Industry

There’s no getting away from the unpalatable fact that construction sites are attractive to criminals. Whether it’s the planned theft of expensive pieces of machinery or materials, opportunistic thieves are out for what they can get. There is also the blight of plain old fashioned vandalism to contend with so site managers have to be prepared for the risks.

These days, CCTV is prevalent on all but the smallest of construction sites. As well as security, video surveillance can also play a part in a site’s overall health and safety strategy. In fact, there’s a range of reasons why video surveillance is important on construction sites.

Let’s explore some of those reasons.

What is video surveillance?

Construction site video surveillance and CCTV provides a site-wide monitoring service to help deter the risk of theft and vandalism. It consists of cameras and recording equipment, and in some cases, a human monitoring team. Increasingly, this is delivered digitally and through wireless technology.

The security aspects of video surveillance

The primary reason that most construction companies make use of video surveillance is security. Construction sites offer rich pickings for thieves, from expensive machinery and tools, to piping, metals and other raw materials.

Theft from sites costs the industry hundreds of thousands of pounds every year, pushing up costs and raising insurance premiums. Fortunately, security cameras, CCTV and video surveillance can all help to reduce the risk of theft from a site.

Should your site fall victim to either theft or vandalism, video surveillance can give you valuable footage to help identify and prosecute the individual/s involved.

There are a number of different options when it comes to construction site surveillance. Increasingly, wireless technology is the most appropriate solution. Video surveillance can be set up to record the site, acting as a deterrent and providing footage that can be useful at a later date.

In some cases, 24 hour monitoring might be more appropriate, not only deterring potential thieves and vandals but intervening if a theft is being attempted, either through calling the police or notifying on-site security.


Insurance companies are often unwilling to insure sites without CCTV / video surveillance installed. The more comprehensive your security system, the lower your premiums are likely to be. Should you later need to make a claim, then footage from your video surveillance system may prove helpful.

Health and safety

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places that anyone can work. As a result, there’s a strict regime of health and safety regulations and good practice that go some way towards minimising a range of different risks.

Construction site managers are legally required to be aware of everyone on the site, who they are and where they are at any particular time. This is especially important in the case of an emergency and has all kinds of logistic implications on a site where deliveries are taking place and potentially dangerous operations are a daily occurrence. The risk of accidents is a constant concern.

Video surveillance provides a very effective means by which to monitor the entire construction site. It allows the management team to keep tabs on activities across the site, either in-real time or through the use of recorded footage.

Should accidents happen, the footage can provide evidence as to what exactly happened, providing information that can be useful in settling any liability claims as well as helping to improve safety protocols moving forward.

Overall, video surveillance gives the site managers a powerful set of tools to improve the health and safety performance of any particular site, while providing information and evidence to help handle any issues that may arise.

Handling disputes

CCTV and video surveillance can also be a valuable tool when it comes to settling on site issues such as allegations of bullying, aggressive behaviour, dangerous acts or omissions.

On site theft by members of staff can unfortunately also become an issue. Confronting individuals about theft and other poor behaviour can be a challenge for managers but having video evidence on hand can help bring matters to a speedy resolution.

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