What would you say were the main advantages of an equipment-based security system compared to manned security?

  • Even the best static security guards can only be in one place at a time and can only see things in places they can safely go to. The worst guards can be unreliable due to illness, attitude, boredom, tiredness and so on. Such issues do not exist with equipment- based security systems like TagAlarm or TagCam.
  • Tag Guard equipment is robust and will work in all weather conditions.
  • Our systems can cover very large areas that are not capable of being monitored or even seen by a guard.
  • Health and Safety can now impose very serious restrictions on how guards operate on sites. Many site have lots of areas that would be dangerous for a guard to patrol, particularly in the dark. Tag Guard security solutions overcome these problems; they don’t fall into “blind” holes while on patrol. Therefore it is a much safer site.
  • Areas invisible to a guard e.g. round the back of a building, are continually monitored by a TagAlarm system. The equipment is monitored at the Control Centre and response decisions are made by highly trained security specialists, not by a lone guard in often difficult conditions.
  • Full audit trail reporting is maintained for later examination when needed.
  • Remote security monitoring removes the intimidation element that guards on-site might be subjected to.
  • A guard is often alone in a guard hut and may be unaware of thefts happening on the site. Even when sites are patrolled, thieves can wait for the patrol to pass before resuming their activities. Tag Guard systems report each individual activation and its exact location overcoming this risk.
  • Other important benefits to consider with our equipment is that they:
    • Don’t sleep on the job
    • Will not leave the site
    • Don’t listen to i-pods
    • Cannot accept bribery
    • Cannot be intimidated or blackmailed