Construction Site - Environmental Monitoring

What is Environmental Monitoring?

Environmental Monitoring on construction sites is the measurement and analysis of environmental conditions in or around a specific site. The main reason to invest in environmental monitoring is to abide by environment plans compliance, permits and other regulations whilst reducing the impact of the environment from harshly affecting any work being undertaken. 

Environment monitoring in some cases is vital and depending on the project, may even be a legal obligation. This helps protect against any legal claims and responsible construction managers are favoured by clients, especially nowadays, considering and doing what you can to protect the environment is becoming increasingly important.

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The construction industry, amongst many others, are under pressure now more than ever to improve productivity and minimise waste in the operation, and that’s where environmental monitoring helps. Not only does it protect the environment, but it also protects the people working on-site as it can alert potential unsafe working conditions.

So, How Can Tag Systems Help?

Tag Systems environmental monitors are 100% real-time which helps with a quick and easy analysis of any site, as well as alerts to any issues as soon as they occur. All data is securely transferred to an online web host with highly secure logins, so you can access the information wherever and whenever you need to. 

Our monitors cover, but are not limited to:

  • Dust and Air – Air pollutants can have a massive negative impact on the environment and organism health. Air quality monitors are designed to investigate air quality and the effects of air pollution, working out necessary methods to avoid air pollution, especially on construction sites. 
  • Wind and Weather – It’s important to monitor wind as big gales or stormy weather can have a serious impact on equipment, usage and safety of the operator such as tower cranes. Bad weather can also cause damage to buildings as well as objects which are not secured to the ground. Real-time monitoring of this allows you to quickly adjust the site for the least impact. 
  • Vibrations – Vibration monitoring is mainly used to prevent structural damage to temporary or permanent structures or buildings. This can be particularly important on construction sites because heavy equipment is used which can then cause vibrations that can affect parts of the site. 
  • Noise – Construction noise monitoring is so important. Too much noise can cause tension or conflict with nearby residents and businesses. It can also improve efficiency by enabling employees to work longer hours without the risk of high noise levels.

Environmental Monitoring

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