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What Are The Benefits Of GPS Vehicle Tracking?

At Tag Systems, we have been involved in the design, manufacture and monitoring of GPS tracking systems for over 20 years, making us one of the most experienced and long-standing participants within the industry. Throughout our development, we have seen the rise in importance that GPS tracking provides, especially with the increase of vehicles on the road.

There are so many undeniable benefits of GPS tracking systems, so let’s take a look at what they are, alongside finding out why they are the best choice for your business.

Easy To Move To Another Vehicle

Not only are vehicle tracking devices simple to install, have minimal operating costs and can be bought outright to avoid long-binding contracts, but can easily be moved to another vehicle if necessary. An extra benefit you may not have come across with other systems is that any movement between vehicles will not incur any financial penalties, so your business does not have to worry about additional, or unneeded costs.

Our systems (and many others available), can be integrated with other company systems, giving control and access via PC software that can be viewed using any internet access. They also have a proven track record with great success in the construction and fleet market sectors.

Detect All Movement

With the use of GPS and mobile networks, vehicle movement can utilise a track and trace system, meaning you can monitor any vehicle movement that is happening, including unauthorised access or theft. All crafted, through accurate global level street mapping via Google satellite view. 

Also, if you consider, or are already using GPS tracking systems of ours, then we can help assist you with the recovery of the stolen vehicle. Plus, for fleet managers, the systems can provide a range of reports that can be configured to deliver automatically; making control of the fleet even easier.

GPS tracking systems are also praised for their rugged build quality and are known for their exceptional record of reliability.

Convert Track & Trace

Even though the theft or unauthorised use has been detected, these systems detect the vehicle movement, that is then sent to your company, but does not alert the unauthorised user, which means tracking them down can be made simple, as they are not alerted or aware of anyone knowing their whereabouts.

The Type Of Vehicle You Have Doesn’t Matter

Whether you have a car, motorbike, van, tractor, agricultural machinery or any other vehicle on the road, GPS tracking systems are incredibly versatile, as they can be used on almost any type of vehicle.

So, not only can you move your systems from one vehicle to another, but they can also be individually adapted to suit your preferences, making this incredibly simple for businesses who may have an array of vehicles within the premises.

Keep The Focus On Your Customers

Tracking devices do primarily help with the prevention of theft, but are also an amazingly unique tool for industries such as distributors and delivery companies, because if you have GPS tracking systems installed in your fleet vehicles, then it can help improve the response time when dealing with customers by allowing you to select the closest vehicle to the customer location, which helps to guarantee a prompt and more importantly, responsive service.

Provides Route Optimisation

Another benefit that is not related to preventing theft, but is an incredible benefit to effective business production, which is the fact that fleet vehicles have real-time data on the location of every vehicle, allowing you to send the ideal route to your team members and helps to avoid any delays due to construction, traffic jams or accidents.

It is vitally important that you choose a company that has proved itself to be an operationally and financially strong, yet resilient business. 

Here at Tag Systems, we are proud to provide many years of intricate experience to long-lasting and brand new clients that come on board.

If you would like to find out more about our tracking systems or would like to just find out more about us and what we do, then please do feel free to call a member of the team on 01427 666111.