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We see your Products When you Can’t

Haulage is big business. It’s something without which the modern manufacturing and retail industries simply could not exist. And, as with any other service, there are ways in which transport can be made more efficient – and, thanks to cutting-edge technology, haulage companies can now make a significant step forward.

If we’re transporting goods from one place to another via lorry, then we’ll necessarily need to worry about things like whether or not the person doing the transporting is competent and trustworthy, and whether or not they’re at risk of being targeted by criminals.

TAG Security provide several different solutions to this problem. Let’s take a look at them.


If your vehicles are out of sight, then it’s difficult to be sure that they’re not being accessed, even with the aid of a GPS tracker. After all, there are plenty of perfectly innocent reasons that a lorry might need to come to a halt mid-journey – indeed, the law requires drivers to take regular breaks to remain alert and competent.

So how can we be sure that no-one unauthorized has been accessing the goods whilst they’re in transit? An answer comes courtesy of Watchlock. This is a special form of padlock which reports every open and close event to the central server, allowing you to keep track of exactly when the goods have been accessed – and, in conjunction with the in-built GPS function, where they’re accessed, too. This not only helps to facilitate the apprehension and prosecution of thieves – but it also provides them with a disincentive, and thereby prevents crime before it happens.

This technology is rugged and resilient, and will work happily in even the most extreme weather conditions – allowing you to keep track of your packages at all times.


We also have the Kylos unit. This device is a battery-powered, highly concealable GPS tracker. It’s small enough to remain unnoticed by thieves – and it’ll send out an alert if it detects a change in light – such as the opening of a crate or the rear doors of a vehicle, and it is also capable of detecting rapid change in ambient temperature with its built in temperature and light sensors, giving you complete peace of mind. It’ll also transmit an alert if it should leave a pre-defined area, or, thanks to a built-in accelerometer, if it falls – which will allow you to pinpoint exactly where any damage was inflicted.

In the event of a robbery, or untoward act of God, time is of the essence – those first few minutes can often make the difference between recovered goods and lost ones. With Kylos, you’ll be alerted as quickly as possible, and your goods will be given the best possible chance of making it through the trip unscathed!

TAG offers the security you need

NB …… We don’t monitor the trackers, the customer gets an online account and there is a facility for them to received email and/or text alerts in the event of an ‘Event’ Thus far we’ve looked at the benefits of the various GPS technologies we offer.  It is important to select a provider with a proven track record, that’s well-managed and reputable.

Tag Systems have been in business for more than sixteen years, and so you can be sure that they’ll be around for many more to come. We’ll be able to provide you with an extensive portfolio of Wireless Security Solutions to meet your every need, along with expert support and advice. We can help you with the day-to-day business of tracking your vehicles, and using that information to make your business more efficient, safer, and better.