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Ways to Improve Your Construction Site Security

Security is a major issue on construction sites, as expensive tools and equipment are very desirable to criminals. Fortunately, there are steps you can implement to keep your construction site more secure.

Create a Signing in and Signing out Procedure

This procedure shows you which members of staff are on-site and who is not. Every person on your site needs to be accounted for if there is a fire or another emergency. This also means that at the end of the shift, you know when everyone has signed out and can check the site is secure. 

Establish a Security Plan

One of the most important things that you can do to keep your construction site safe is to develop a security plan early. Map out your area, identify valuable assets and vulnerable points, and develop a strategy to protect them. You should create a plan for an emergency and make sure all of your workers know how to react and who to call.

Secure the Perimeter

Something as simple as building a fence around your site will help deter criminals and keep your site secure. 

Electric fences will act as more of a deterrent than standard fences, however, both types of fences increase the safety of your site. Whilst an electric fence is non-lethal, anyone who touches it will get an electric shock, making scaling the fence impossible. If anyone tries to cut a wire, a silent alarm will be triggered, sending an alert to the chosen person of authority. 

Climbing a fence takes time, thus increasing the time it would take for the act to be carried out. During this time the alarm could go off, lights could turn on, and they’ll be caught on CCTV. 

Display Signs

You must display signs that say “Hazard” and “Danger” to make people aware of any potential dangers. The worst thing that can happen on your site is that someone gets badly injured or dies, which is both personally and professionally damaging. 

Having signs that say “Keep Out” and “No Trespassing” with your company logo can be effective when partnered with a surveillance system. A sign that shows that the site is being monitored, with CCTV, will deter them from committing the act as there is more chance that they will get caught and arrested. 

Operational CCTV

One of the best ways to promote the security of your construction site is to install CCTV. Surveillance cameras will monitor your entire construction site, protecting your equipment. When an event does occur, the person monitoring your equipment can take action or alert the authorities to address the problem. Surveillance systems are the best way to monitor your construction site and ensure that you know what’s going on at your site at all times.

Lock Away Possessions 

The leading cause of a robbery on a construction site is due to tools and equipment being left out, thus stolen. When all employees are away from the site, make sure valuables are locked up, secure and out-of-sight. 

Leaving equipment at your construction site is inevitable, as bringing everything back and forth would be implausible and a waste of time. It is impossible to lock up large pieces of equipment such as cranes, bulldozers, and partially built structures. However, many pieces of equipment can be locked in a shipping container. 

Shipping containers can be a great solution to keep your items safe, as they are extremely tough and durable. Lock away as many pieces of valuable equipment as you can to keep these materials safe. The equipment that is locked safely in these containers will be protected from theft and vandalism.

Watch the Weather 

Consider wind and other weather events and make sure your site stays safe and secure when you are away. If a storm hits, will your scaffold stay in place, will your barriers remain secure?


Regularly check perimeter hoarding or fencing to ensure it is intact and secure. Don’t let things slide as the project progresses, maintain your security procedures from start to finish.


If all else fails, get Bruce, a relentless guard dog. To keep your construction site more secure.


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