Void Property Solutions offered by us

Securing vacant retail / commercial premises once tenants have moved out or during change of ownership / re-configuration / change of use periods can be a challenge due to lack of mains power / land line Comms availability – Tag Systems are experts in deploying robust wireless devices to provide a security system within environments where power & Comms are a challenge to ‘normal’ providers in the market place.

Void Property Security Solutions Prove Successful

We utilise proven lithium battery technology to power our equipment & so once installed a system can remain on site for up to x 12 months alarming to our remote 24hrs ARC where our operators then despatch local SIA accredited guards to respond to the address usually within 30 minutes of a verified alarm activation being detected.

This type of service starts at around just £99.00 per week for a basic system + £45.00 each guarding call-out required.

We use motion detector / camera devices designed by Tag to detect intruders at the source of the break-in, this alarm then immediately transmits to our 24hrs ARC for auctioning by the control room team.

Many of these are typically on hire for over 24/36 months durations. It’s proven to deter would be criminals & has an enviable industry reputation in our sector







Our in house Alarm Response Centre is manned by our highly trained team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Having crafted long standing professional relationships with both the emergency services and guarding professionals Tag can provide a guaranteed rapid response to any emergency your site may face