Vehicle Tracking

Our vehicle tracking devices are simple to install, have minimal operating costs and can be bought outright avoiding long-term binding contracts.

Vehicle tracking on a commercial van

Another key benefit is that, if required, they can easily be moved to another vehicle. Controlled from PC software that can be viewed using any Internet access, our tracking devices have a proven record in the construction sector and fleet market. Using GPS and mobile networks they will track and trace vehicle movement to detect theft or unauthorised use of a vehicle. And with a tough, rugged build quality they also have an exceptional record of reliability. Amongst the comprehensive reports provided by the associated software is a history of routes taken including attendance at specific locations – ideal for establishing if employees are “moonlighting” or failing to attend sites: a known problem for example with mobile security patrols.

Unauthorised Use

Losses associated with vehicles are not always directly related to theft. Unauthorised use of company vehicles, especially during a recession, can mean considerable losses for companies, whilst exposing employers to a whole raft of other potential problems that might prove very costly.   The unauthorised use of vehicles has become an increasing problem and raises serious liability, insurance, health & safety and duty of care issues for employers.  The cost of diesel is frequently quoted as a significant loss too.

Covert Tracking

The use of covert tracking, operated without the knowledge of a driver or operator, can provide the means to catch the culprit in the act and our tracking devices are ideally suited to covert tracking.  Yet the best system is not necessarily the most expensive and with prices starting from under 50 pence per day, can you afford not to protect your company’s assets?

Unlike many other systems, with our vehicle tracking systems you are in control and can move units without the financial penalties imposed by many others.

  • Track & Trace – detects theft, unauthorised use and vehicle movement
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Transferable from vehicle to vehicle
  • Can be adapted to suit any type of vehicle: cars, motorbikes, vans, tractors and construction plant or machinery
  • Provides complete control over vehicle or plant use
  • Accurate global street level mapping with Google satellite view, via the Internet, from your own PC
  • Optional 24-hour remote monitoring – for swift recovery of the stolen plant or vehicles
  • Minimal operational costs