Van Tracking System

Simple to install, with minimal operating costs, it can be bought outright avoiding long-term binding contracts. Another benefit is that, if required, they can easily be moved to another vehicle.

Van tracking system available for domestic and commercial use to stop theft of and theft from vans

Originally developed for the construction market our vehicle tracking systems have an outstanding record of recovering stolen high value plant like diggers and earth movers. Their tough, rugged build quality means they also have an exceptional record of reliability. The key issues for van tracking are misuse or unauthorised use of vans; theft from vans and theft of the vehicle itself. The proven track & trace capability of Tag Systems TagTrack van tracking system will combat all these recognised problems.

Vehicle Tracking

Using GPS and mobile networks they can detect theft, unauthorised use and track vehicle movement. Controlled from PC software and viewed using any Internet access the system can produce detailed reports giving a range of useful information such as exact time of theft and routes taken, ignition on/off and entry and departure from pre-designated ‘geofenced’ areas – it all adds up to giving owners complete control over vehicle use.

There is also an option available for the vehicle to be fully monitored by Tag Systems own 24-hour monitoring service – this can assist with the swift recovery of the stolen vehicle.