Commercial Vehicle Tracking

A key issue for commercial vehicle owners / operators is not theft of the vehicle but their unauthorised use.

This is an ever growing problem and raises serious liability, H & S and duty of care issues for employers.  The cost of diesel is frequently quoted as a significant loss too. Our TagTrack commercial vehicle tracking system provides for covert tracking so that culprits can be caught, dismissed and even prosecuted if appropriate.

Related issues include whether your vehicles are following approved routes and if they obey height and weight restrictions.  With our vehicle tracking systems you can see for yourself where your vehicles have been and programme the system to alert you should they enter restricted zones.

Detailed reports can be produced from the PC software to provide comprehensive information such as:

  • Log of places and times – an electronic timesheet
  • Misuse of vehicle such as speeding
  • History of routes taken including attendance at specific locations
  • Lists of all alarms / thefts and details of action taken
  • Activity summary