Car Tracking and Tracing Service

On average, a vehicle is stolen every two minutes in the UK. Annually, over 100,000 of them – almost half the total – are never recovered.


If professional thieves target a car or motorbike, even today’s complex alarms and immobilisers are highly unlikely to prevent its theft. That’s why fitting Tag Systems ‘TagTrack’ vehicle tracking system makes sense, because if you cannot prevent the theft you will at least be able to track and trace the stolen vehicle.

TagTrack uses GPS and mobile networks and is highly effective at tracking vehicle movement. Controlled from PC software and viewed using any Internet access it is simple to install with no long-term binding contracts. If required, the tracking device can easily be moved to another vehicle.

Originally developed for the plant and construction market, its tough, rugged build quality means it has an exceptional record of reliability. Detailed reports can be produced from the PC software to provide a range of valuable information such as exact time of alarm / theft and routes taken, ignition on/off and entry and departure from pre-designated ‘geofenced’ areas.

  • Track & Trace – detects theft, unauthorised use and vehicle movement
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Transferable from vehicle to vehicle
  • Minimal operational costs
  • Provides complete control over vehicle use
  • Alert messages to mobile phones
  • Accurate global street level mapping with Google satellite view, via the Internet, from your own PC
  • Optional 24-hour remote monitoring – for swift recovery of the stolen vehicle