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Top Tips for Making Offices Secure

Robbery has increased by 11% in 2019 compared to 2018 in the UK. Therefore, it is vital that all types of businesses have the appropriate steps in place so that their offices are secure.

Offices contain an array of valuable and expensive items such as computers, private paperwork, cash and printers. Having robust security measures keeps all these assets but most importantly, the staff, safer. Burglary doesn’t just have monetary consequences, but emotional consequences as well. It affects individuals’ sense of security in the workplace, thus increasing their anxiety. Below are several tips that every organisation should adopt to keep their offices secure.

Use a Monitored Alarm System

An effective, up to date alarm system should be the first safety measure implemented in your office to enhance security. Modern technology has enabled a quick, thorough process that results in the appropriate personnel and authorities being contacted in a matter of minutes if a crime has taken place. This also acts as a deterrent as the perpetrator is made aware that they are minutes from being caught. This largely results in the criminal hastily leaving the premises, reducing the time they can commit the offence.

Ensure Locks are to British Standard

Over time, with continuous usage, locks become worn and damaged. It is important that the locks in your building are rigorously tested and up to date, so they align with the British Standard. You are likely to find it is a requirement of your office insurance policy that your lock is to BS 3621, and without it, you may be putting your office at risk.

Install CCTV

Installing CCTV at your business premises has an unarguable amount of benefits for both preventing crime and evidencing the crime once it has taken place. Once a crime has taken place, CCTV provides evidence for prosecuting, making sure the criminal is reprimanded for their act. It allows for an analysis of the premises to determine if any safety measures can be implemented or improved to reduce the likelihood of it happening again, thus improving safety.

 Research has shown that the certainty of being caught is vastly more powerful deterrent than the punishment. CCTV improves the likelihood of the criminal being caught, thus decreasing the likelihood of them committing the offence. Displaying signs and purchasing top quality CCTV is a strong measure that helps to discourage would-be intruders to commit their offence.

Use Effective Lighting

Research has shown that 60% of burglaries take place in the evening or at nighttime. Therefore, having effective security lighting installed on the outside of your premises acts as a deterrent to burglars, as it makes them more vulnerable and likely to be noticed. Clear lighting in the office allows for easier identification with CCTV also. Increasing the chances of the criminal being prosecuted.

Keep Important Documents in Locked Cabinets

Every office has important documents with personal details or private information on it. Losing confidential documentation can be disastrous for any business, therefore it is important that measures are in place to minimise this risk. To improve the security, these documents need to be locked in a cabinet and backed up on an off-site hard drive.

Have a Safe

Always keep any petty cash in a safe with a complex code. This acts as a barrier for criminals to getting your money. Make sure the code is not recorded anywhere in the building and it is kept private, with a minimal amount of people in the office knowing this information. Using an AiS approved safe will give the best chance of your money staying safe.

Join a Business Watch

Many neighbourhoods have a business watch scheme where property owners can alert the police and other businesses about break-ins or anyone looking suspicious. This allows you to have extra time to make sure all security measures are in place. Whether that is locking the door or alerting the appropriate authorities.

Make Sure all your Employees Know of the Security and Emergency Protocols

Have a robust security and safety plan in case of any potential threats. This allows for your staff to be fully trained and aware of all the safety measures and how to act in case of a disturbance. This keeps your employees safer and more at ease. Decreasing the harm of any criminal activity.

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Be safe, Be smart, Be secure.

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