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The Importance Of Security At A Rail Network

Here at Tag Systems, we pride ourselves on specialising in a range of sectors, and one of these is our bespoke security systems for rail networks.

A recent statistic has said that the amount of rail passenger journeys in Great Britain has increased to 449 million in 2019-20, making this a 3.4% rise compared to 2018-19. (Statistic source:

With statistics this high, how can you not afford to keep your rail networks secure? 

In this blog, we will go through the importance of rail network security and what you should have in place to keep them as secure as possible.

What Are The Risks?

As well as the risks of theft, it’s also vital that if anything goes wrong, you can easily detect and resolve it. Here are some of the common risks associated with rail networks.

Scrap Metal Theft

In recent years, Network Rail and it’s appointed contractors who provide the engineering and maintenance of the rail networks have all become extremely vulnerable to the crime wave of copper theft, that has all been fuelled by the soaring price of scrap metals, which thieves will do anything to get their hands on.


Derailments still remain to be reasonably common, although those that lead to any significant injury or loss in life are increasingly rare, but can cause severe disruptions, just like collisions.

They are often caused to technical failures and it is essential that they can find the exact point of where it happened.

Luckily, the railway industry helps to combat the risk of derailment by implementing rigorous maintenance systems and high levels of staff competence through comprehensive training, but of course, they need the essential equipment alongside this.


To this day, trespassing is still a common risk and is found more in densely populated areas. However, serious injuries and fatalities are common and whilst they do not mostly present a significant risk to passengers, these events can cause unwanted disruption and delays, which need to be monitored and cared for in the right way to cause maximum efficiency.

Dangerous Goods

Due to it being known as a safer mode of transport, railways are often used for the carriage of dangerous goods such as chemicals, petrol and more. 

To control these not coming in, this requires a range of measures to control the risk. 


When looking at the key risks at train stations, it can vary from typical slips, trips and falls, to boarding incidents that can cause problems for the train and the platform. 

However, it is essential that every station has all of the effective security in place, which should be protecting both passengers and staff, for example there can be a large number of passengers at a time, so it is essential that you have the right equipment in place to monitor them and create an efficient system.

You must have a range of efficient precautions in place, from design and signage to CCTV, we will go through the ideal equipment that you need for effective rail networks.


For over 20 years, we have developed dedicated, bespoke wireless CCTV, which functions exactly the same way as conventional CCTV but without the need of unwanted cabling.

If you choose to go wireless, then you will discover that the system is much quicker, simpler and easy to install. Plus, it can be easily relocated, so you will discover a major reduction in your overall security costs.

With CCTV being a well-known and sufficient deterrent, it is a vital security choice that any rail network will require, We can help back up any installation with our 24-hour central monitoring service which means we can react instantly to any incident, alerting on-site security, mobile patrols or the police.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Having wireless alarm systems in place is vital for threats such as theft.

When looking at rail networks, it is clear that the rise in ‘cable crime’ is becoming more noticeable by the day, but with the collaboration of wireless CCTV and alarm systems, you have a much higher chance of finding out who the perpetrators are.

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