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The Benefits Of Using Tag Systems

At Tag Systems, we are proud to be one of the leading wireless security specialists for pioneering businesses, and with our design, manufacture and deployment of our wireless systems, we help to cover an array of applications within commercial, domestic and industrial security.

However, many people don’t know exactly what we do and how we can help your business in the best way possible. The investment of effective security is something that will continuously support the backbone of your business and ease the ever-looming stress of thieves and handling of equipment and materials within your workplace.

In this blog, we are going to go through the benefits of using Tag Systems as your wireless security provider and how we can help you.


Unlike many others, we have been continually pioneering the development of business security systems for over 20 years and other related products that help to cover aspects of protection for businesses, from intruder detection to full fire safety packages.

It is also a known fact that our systems have provided many industries with a successful track record for security, alongside being simple and quick to install. Add to this that our systems can also deliver major savings on your security expenditure and you can see why we are so popular. Our systems also have the absence of unnecessary cabling, so you can simply reposition your equipment as your plans and sites develop.

Within our security services, we focus on intruder detection systems and part of this focus is CCTV, so let’s take a look at their individual benefits –

Intruder Detection Systems:

  • Our systems are the most sophisticated available yet highly affordable. They can also be tailored to your exact needs and circumstances.
  • It can be set to detect when someone has entered the premises and where people go, this can all be monitored remotely by us.
  • Alarm responses are arranged with us, this is complete with top quality security guarding, keyholding companies and the Police will be called for verified alarms.
  • The system will be maintained by us under a monthly contract so you get a total service.
  • It is capable of operating without cabling or telephone lines, so the systems are quick to install and easy to reconfigure.

This is only the starting point for intruder detection systems and their continuous benefits, find out more here.


  • CCTV can be adapted to suit a wide range of different circumstances.
  • It can handle a vast array of conditions, with the options for infrared detection in dimly lit areas.
  • Wireless cameras can be less vulnerable to sabotage, as they cannot be simply damaged from a cable cut and by the time the disturbance is detected, our team is already at the forefront of the situation.
  • They can be the best form of valuable evidence for prosecutors.
  • Security cameras represent a deterrent for would-be thieves and vandals, whose actions might result in high amounts of damage.

The list is continuous. To find out more about our wireless CCTV systems, click, here.


All of our access control security systems are modified to your specific needs and complete with secure access options, chosen by you. This also includes biometric controls such as fingerprint, palm and retinal scanners, swipe cards or fobs and the latest in Facial and Thermal recognition.

Utilising our unique interlinked systems, it can enable multiple entry points that can be managed from one location, allowing zoned access, especially ideal for subcontractors and swift site evacuation.

Let’s take a further look into our innovative turnstile access control systems and delve deeper into our biometric readers.

Turnstile Access Control Systems:

  • Our turnstile systems can be set-up to provide extensive timesheet analysis, instant muster reports, management reporting and environmental management monitoring.
  • We offer a range of gate solutions that will control traffic flow and reduce potential theft.
  • All systems can be modified to your specific needs with secure access options including biometric controls (facial and thermal, fingerprint, palm and retinal scanners), swipe cards or fobs

To find out more about our turnstile access control systems, click here.

Biometric Readers:

  • They take over the unnecessary and timely need for passwords or ID card authentication due to the numerous advantages they have.
  • Every action or transaction will be recorded and clearly documented to reduce the possibility of misuse or fraud.
  • They offer enhanced security, accountability and a reduction in misuse.
  • The ROI is much higher with biometric systems, compared with traditional forms of authentication.
  • Our latest facial recognition technology can also have thermal monitoring and refuse access to anyone with a high temperature, perfect for the current climate.

Find out more about how biometric readers can help your business, here.


Alongside its popularity for a wide range of industries, wireless fire alarm systems are becoming increasingly specified for building and construction projects because no cable runs are required, plus they can easily be moved or repositioned, whilst the project is continuously adapting.

At Tag Systems, we focus on providing the very best fire protection systems, which is why we provide a unique range for business, including our TagFire alarm.

The TagFire alarm range offers three main levels of protection, and is frequently operated in conjunction with our wireless security and intruder detection systems, as recommended under the joint Code of Practice:

1. Wireless smoke detectors providing a base level of fire detection
2. Detection and evacuation warning system for site personnel, this includes break-glass units and klaxons for localised audible warnings
3. The ‘maximum’ level includes all our core fire alarm products, but with the addition of a ‘Master Blaster’ siren for the evacuation of the whole site

Find out more about our wireless fire alarm systems in more detail, here.


For over 20 years we have been involved in the continuous development of GPS tracking systems, making us one of the most experienced and long-standing participants within the industry.

Our vehicle tracking devices are easy to install, have lower operating costs than you would imagine and can even be bought outright to avoid any long-term binding contracts.

Let’s take a look at a few chosen benefits –

GPS Tracking Systems:

  • They can be moved to a new vehicle with ease.
  • They are controlled from PC software that can be viewed using any internet access, so it can be analysed at any time that best suits your needs.
  • Using GPS and mobile networks they will track and trace vehicle movement to detect theft or unauthorised use of the vehicle.
  • Complete with tough and rugged build quality, they have a fantastic record for extreme reliability.

Find out more about our GPS tracking systems, here.

We are still here to help you and your business at Tag Systems, so feel free to get in touch by giving us a call on 01427 666111 and we will help you with your enquiries.