download pdfAt the core of Tag Systems wireless systems is our TagAlarm range of products and our own central monitoring facility; specially trained staff understand what it is happening on site and take immediate action.

If an incident occurs, for example an intruder activates an alarm, is seen on camera or is picked up by a movement detector, our wireless security products send a signal via the mobile networks alerting our control room that operates 24/7 and 365 days a year.

We notify a mobile security response team, key holder or the police so they can go and investigate. This sequence happens quickly and time and time again it has led to criminals being caught red-handed.

Full service security is provided under a single contract. Clients benefit from a single point of responsibility and accountability. The majority of our services are provided on a monthly renewable contract. By bringing all the services under one total solution we offer an unrivaled level of satisfaction. Proven reliability, rugged build quality, the flexibility of a wireless installation together with 24-hour remote monitoring in our own centre using highly trained and dedicated staff delivers an incomparable total service quality.



  • Base Station
  • Standard and Hand Portable
  • Hand Portable range: Maximum 150 meters
  • Standard Range: Maximum 300 meters

  • IR 35
  • Internal Use
  • Wide angle range: 11 x 11 meters
  • Narrow angle range: 1.2 x 17 meters

  • IR 70/2
  • External use
  • Range: 2.5 x 45 meters

  • IR114 FR (Quad) and IR114 R (Dual)
  • Internal or External use
  • Quad range and spread: 12 meters with 180° coverage
  • Dual range and spread: 12 meters with 90° coverage

  • Active (TX/RX) Tansmitter / Receiver
  • EPerimeter (minimum install of x2 units)
  • Range: Up to 75 meters
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  • TagDetector
  • Mobile/temporary
  • Range: 24 meters (12 m either side of TagDetector body)
  • Coverage: 15°-180°

  • Guard Attendance Tag (GAT)
  • Mobile response arrival/departure verification
  • System Defer and/or Patrol In/Out