Tag Witness – Covert Defence Against Fly-Tipping

Covert – Effective – Unbeatable
Tag Witness is the ultimate weapon in the battle against fly-tipping. Every year illegal tipping costs councils £50 million and with offenders preying on remote areas it is incredibly difficult to combat.

Our Tag Witness unit is a covert, self-contained and wireless system that records in HD day or night before immediately transmitting its footage direct to our 24/7 monitored Alarm Response Centre.

It can be rapidly deployed to any location, blending with its surrounding so tippers will have no idea they are being filmed and has a stand-by life of up to 3 months. Deploy it in a vulnerable area or known hot spot and in no time at all your tipper will be caught.

Fly-tipping is a blot of on our landscape, put a permanent stop to it with Tag Witness.

Capabilities & Spec

Records and transmits up to 20 minutes of HD video in 1 minute bursts

Footage is transmitted direct to our ARC secure server

Can be painted any colour for maximum camouflage

Communicates remotely via GPRS with our Control Team to ensure constant operational efficiency

Tailored response procedures available

Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery providing up to 3 month stand-by life

Remote head and alternative camera viewing positions available on request