Tag Systems Offers Security for Remote Power Generators

Remote Generator SolutionsWhat happens when thieves or vandals strike a remote power generator to steal valuable cables? If adequate protection measures are not in place, this can cause a disruption of power to a huge number of power distribution company customers. Power generation companies have a responsibility to supply their clients with continuous power, so it is crucial to determine a way to handle this hazard. This is why it is important for power companies to have systems in place that prevent security risks and create custom-tailored security solutions for power generation sites.

Tag Systems has created a system that allows for power generation plants to monitor their site security remotely, from their own Control Centre. If a threat is identified, Tag Systems will sound the alarm and send man-power in order to stop the theft or the attack – before it costs the company a large sum of money.

How Does it Work?

How does the Tag Systems solution work to prevent against theft? The TagAlarm system is designed with a grid of IR sensors within and around the perimeter of the site, which are designed to detect any unauthorised entry and immediately send an alarm to the 24 hour Control Centre.

The system also has cameras set up in key areas of the site, which will monitor the intruder. These cameras are capable of capturing images at any time either day or night. Also, there is a facility to switch on bright lights remotely so that a clear picture of the intruder can be captured. This means that a potential thief or vandal will likely be stopped in their tracks before they have a chance to do any damage, rather than having to track them down after the fact.

The intruder will hear a message broadcast over the tannoy, which will inform them that they are being observed and that a response team is on the way. The system works with a backup of battery power, so that even if the main supply is cut to the security unit it will still operate uninterrupted. GPS tracking devices can also be added to units, so that if they are moved they can be found again.

Tag Systems Offers High Quality Equipment

The equipment offered by Tag Systems is extremely high quality and it is proven to be rugged, reliable and flexible. All of the cameras and the alarm systems are designed to integrate with each other in an intelligent way.

The trained staff working in the 24 hour remote monitoring centre deliver excellent service and will respond quickly and professionally, dispatching mobile security guards to investigate any security system breaches. This system is designed to give high level security and peace of mind to any power generator site.