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Tag Systems feature in Risk UK – Power Generator Security Solutions

Risk UKThe latest issue of Risk UK which was published in March has a very interesting article that would be of interest to our readers.

The article discusses how businesses work to protect and secure our utilities and keep our homes and industry ticking. These important industries can be targets for a variety of reasons from all-out attack to pure mindless vandalism.

Energy & utility companies have been especially hard hit with the cost of replacing stolen cable now running at £millions per year. But whether the problem is theft on this grand scale, vandalism or sabotage, Tag Systems can help.

For many years Tag Systems have been at the forefront of providing highly cost-effective Power Generator security solutions for protecting these installations, not only at the power plants themselves but at smaller and often remote areas where copper theft and cable theft have become real problems for the industry.

Our Operations Director Nigel Walker explains in the article how Tag Systems is well equipped to protect these installations and you can read the full article on pages 13-14 here.

For more detailed information on how our Power Generator and Remote Generator Protection Solutions can help, visit our website here and download our Power Generator pdf.