Tag Guard security services proved to be the best

Building and construction company William Davis, a significant customer of Tag Guard Systems, has proved to its own satisfaction that Tag Guard’s security service is the most cost-effective solution. A year ago William Davis appointed a new security chief, Paul Dunning. At that time they were paying around £70,000 per month on manned guarding, which was far too much. After meeting with Nick Evans, UK Director of Sales at Tag Guard, William Davis agreed to try an innovative approach using Tag Guard Systems and their own in-house team of response staff. One year later this is what Paul had to say:

“I have to say I am 100% satisfied with the way the system works. I have halved my expenditure on the overall security budget while managing to keep incidents on site to a minimum. Where there have been problems it has usually been down to staff from our side failing to lock up properly or put equipment away. For me, I have what I want, at a price that I want and it keeps the directors here happy, knowing that things are being managed. While there have been losses on some sites, these have been minimal rather than problems we had in the past.”

This is one example of a growing number of customers throughout UK, Holland and Denmark who are using the uniquely professional services and specialised wireless alarm and CCTV systems offered by Tag Guard Systems.”