Manned guarding

Tag Guard control room backs up manned guarding during knife offence

A demolition project in the West Midlands was suffering repeated trespass by gangs of youths with little else to do. They were playing and drinking on the dangerous site, which contains such hazards as unsound structures, heavy plant and asbestos. Rapid response teams were proving ineffective – they were escorting the youths to safety, yet they would simply re-enter the site once the response officers left. The Police were on high alert after Tag Guard had liaised with then, however this course of action also failed to keep the youths away. It was therefore decided, as a temporary measure, that manned guarding would be the ideal solution, as this would ensure an immediate response to any TagAlarms and a visual deterrent for the youths. Unfortunately the youths did not take kindly to this, and decided to enter site and set a fire. The onsite guard was already aware of their presence as they had activated TagAlarm and confronted them as they were setting the fire. One of the youths then threatened the guard with a blade. The Tag Guard 24-hour control room maintained telephone contact with the guard throughout this ordeal and was able to contact a rapid response team who attended site with emergency services to ensure that the guard was not harmed. The fire extinguished and justice handed out to the culprits.