Secure Yard Storage – Protecting Valuable Materials

A storage yard can be a very enticing target for thieves, especially with the record prices that are currently available for scrap metals. Everything from steel to copper cable to lead to machinery is a desirable commodity, which is why it is important to ensure you have secure yard storage. 

One of the best solutions for deterring criminals from a construction site is a wireless security system. This is a cost-effective strategy that will provide all of the specific security requirements that a storage yard facility needs.

These systems are designed to warn off any intruders as well as monitor their movements if they are to enter the premises. Since the system is wireless, it is more robust as well as being less liable to tampering and interference. Also, there is a lot more flexibility when it comes to where equipment is placed, as there are no restrictions when it comes to cables and wires.


Fire Detection and Alarms Systems

Another important aspect of storage yard security is fire alerts, in order to protect the facilities from damage by fire. A fire in a storage yard can be very dangerous and not only can it cause a lot of damage to the products and buildings, it can also cause harm to the employees on site and the surrounding community.

There are a range of security products that can send out warnings and alerts in the event of a fire. They are well suited to storage yards because they are portable and wireless and they can be monitored by a remote station that is operating 24/7, every day of the year.


The Advantages of Wireless

Wireless security systems have a number of advantages for storage yards over conventional systems with wired alarms and CCTV. The lack of cabling means that the system can be quickly and easily installed with considerable savings. Also, this means that there is no need for the alarm system to be restricted to one place by a fixed cable – it can be placed in any location required, even those places where it could be impossible or expensive to run a cable.

Another advantage of the wireless system is that the cameras can be easily moved. With fixed traditional wired systems, once the cable has been laid the camera cannot be moved. This means that the criminals can figure out the position of the security cameras and conduct their activities outside of these areas. With a portable wireless system, alarms and cameras can always be moved to new locations and can even be reused on new storage yard sites, which can save a lot of money.

When it comes to storage yard security; the advantages that wireless systems offer are vital to keeping the site as safe as possible.