Stolen generator recovered using our Locator tracking system

Following the reported loss the generator’s location was identified by the plant management team at Cat Power, the owner of the generator. It was not at the correct location but at a traveller’s encampment. The Police were called but could not see the unit as it was hidden from view somewhere on the site. It would have required a warrant to permit a search to be carried out as the site occupants denied all knowledge.

The Cat Power staff kept an eye on the unit using the Locator system. Later that day the generator began to “move” off the encampment. The police were in constant touch with the Cat Power team and followed the moving generator, which was still not in sight. Although the police could not see the unit it became apparent that it was contained in a horse box, which they were directly behind. The police pulled the horse box over and asked to see inside. The generator was discovered and the driver and his accomplice were arrested. The Generator unit was returned to Cat Power.

This is one example of many others where Locator has detected theft and been used to assist with recovery of stolen property.