Stockpiling For Brexit

If you turn to any mainstream news source in the UK right now, chances are within minutes that you’ll be swamped by various articles prophesising what Brexit is, what the results of a deal or a no deal Brexit might entail, and whether the Prime Minister Theresa May will bow out of her post as the leader of the UK. One thing is for certain – everyone feels very uncertain about what the affects of Brexit might be.

As a business owner, this can be particularly concerning, regardless of which way you voted in the referendum. When your livelihood depends on certain types of product being available to you, that you might currently source from abroad, it can be quite anxiety inducing. Many business owners are beginning to stockpile their wares in the event that the UK economy takes a tumble, regardless of what a “hard Brexit” is.

As of March 2019, it has been estimated by leading economists that Brits have stockpiled a total of £4.6 billion in household goods alone. Here, we look into why you might consider gathering your products for storage, and how to protect them from theft.

Why Are Business Owners Stockpiling Materials?

One of the biggest killers of UK business is cashflow problems, which is a very real threat in the face of a no-deal Brexit. British business owners such as manufacturers, factory owners and construction workers are buying materials from abroad and keeping them in storage in case there are transportation or supply issues in the months ahead.

The hoarding of raw materials might seem a little extreme, and more akin to something you might see on some kind of reality show like Doomsday Preppers. But many see this increasing of their inventory as safeguarding for future issues that might arise, such as if the UK border becomes “gridlocked”.

Protecting Your Items From Theft Whilst in Storage

Whether you own a warehouse that has seen an increase in rental space in the past few months, building sites quickly acquiring raw materials, or a retail store shipping in goods from overseas, if you are gathering a precautionary inventory the last thing you want is to gather your supplies only to have them stolen by petty thieves looking to make some money from your preparation.

We offer many different types of security systems to suit any kind of business – and given the economic uncertainty that is prevalent in the UK right now, it might be time to level up your security here too.

Security Systems For Commercial Property

If you own a building that houses offices for example, the chances are that a large number of those businesses within your property are tightening their supply chain – they might also benefit from knowing that the building is secure too.

You might consider access control, such as a turnstile gate, to stem the heavy flow of footfall coming through your building. We even offer smart systems that keep an access log for you, so you know exactly who has been in and out, which is a surefire way to ensure that nobody is gaining access that shouldn’t.

Another great way of tracking the innumerable amount of people in your building is the install surveillance systems such as CCTV, particularly in areas where you might be storing your goods in the event that Brexit takes a turn for the worse.

Security For Warehousing

If you own, or work in a warehouse, it goes without saying that the building is going to be full of pricey stock that is invaluable to your business. This is true of a Britain pre and post-Brexit. However because of this, warehouses might become prime targets for theft if the supply chain to the UK for all kinds of goods becomes restricted.

Operating a security system that allows for flexible 24/7 access for employees to operate your business whilst also remaining watertight security wise can be a tall order; but the Tag Systems team are experts in handling these types of security solutions. Access control, such as biometric readers, in particular restrict movement of footfall to areas of your warehouse that not everybody needs access to.

Adequate lighting within a warehouse cannot be underestimated, particularly if they are motion sensitive. Due to the size of warehouse buildings, intruders can be a little more difficult to detect than in smaller sites. However, with sufficient lighting, intruders are likely to be put off trying to enter your premises in the first instance – meaning your stockpiled materials are far more safe from sticky fingers!