Specialist Services

Vacant Property Security

We can help property owners and managers by providing a single point security resource, helping them satisfy insurance requirements in relation to routine property checks, fire and intruder protection.  The use of our vacant property security services may also reduce insurance premiums.

Vacant Property Security Available From Tag Guard Systems

Manned guarding or security patrols can be prohibitively expensive for an unoccupied buildings and property that is generating no income. Our award winning range of wireless security systems will provide a much more cost-effective solution to vacant property security. Requiring no cabling or power supplies, they are ideally suited to unoccupied buildings where the power may have been deactivated.

Ideally suited to vacant property protection

  • Easy to install and set up.
  • Portable – easily repositioned.
  • External and internal security can be combined with fire alarms.
  • Optional 24-hour remote monitoring.
  • Alarm and camera systems can be linked together for enhanced protection.

All systems are designed to be completely standalone operating without the need for mains power or fixed line telecommunications.

Where appropriate, all systems conform to the necessary British Standards and Codes of Practice and are supported by the Company’s own ISO 9001 accreditation.