Specialist Services

Special Projects

Tag Systems has an excellent track record of developing truly bespoke security solutions for clients and special projects.

special projects

Our senior management team have exceptional security expertise and knowledge. Combined with our award winning, proven wireless security systems we are ideally positioned to help companies find a highly effective security solution – whatever the budget. And where manned guarding has been used in the past our systems are far more effective at deterring and detecting crime yet at a fraction of the cost.

A special project starts with both parties agreeing the terms of reference and from there understanding the true nature of the problem and its causes.  Occasionally the solution is a change in procedures at other times something more substantial is called for and our expertise in design and manufacturing really helps differentiate us from run-of-the-mill competitors.

So no matter what the security problem is or however restricted the security budget, talk to us first.

Providing security in remote locations is a challenge for the very reason that they are typically isolated, invariably difficult to get to and have limited services – possibly no mains power.

And the very nature of remote locations makes them highly vulnerable to theft and other criminal activity but manned guarding can be prohibitively expensive.

Europe’s leading specialists

Tag Systems pioneered the development of wireless security products and is now one of Europe’s leading specialists in wireless systems. Our monitored wireless alarm security systems are especially suited to remote security requirements where hard-wired systems would be inappropriate, impractical or too costly to install. Proven reliability, rugged build quality, the flexibility of a wireless installation, together with 24-hour remote monitoring at our own secure operating centre combine to make them uniquely suitable for remote security.

We have worked is some very remote locations and have protected assets that had previously been either unprotected or required expensive and inflexible manned guarding.