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Security Patrols

Security Patrols are effective in providing a highly visible deterrent, identifying suspicious activity and carrying out visual checks.

Security Patrols

Tag Systems work in partnership with trusted, reputable patrol companies. However mobile security patrols usually last about 10 minutes per visit, which means buildings and premises are typically covered for just 20-40 minutes per night. At all other times premises and property are vulnerable to break-in and theft.

That is why a combination of our advanced wireless security systems linked to local mobile security patrols can provide an unbeatable level of security and protection.

Wireless Systems and Security Patrols

If a crime incident occurs, for example an intruder activates an alarm, is seen on camera or picked up by a movement detector our wireless security systems send a signal via the mobile network which alerts our remote monitoring control room that operates 24/7 and 365 days a year. We then notify our local mobile security patrol partner to go and investigate. This happens quickly and time and time again has lead to criminals being caught red-handed.


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