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Old Construction Site Security

download pdfFrom controlling who enters the site, through to fire and detection systems, we provide a single point resource, delivering a complete range of construction site security and health & safety services.

Construction Site Security

Construction sites have a constant need to deter intruders, prevent theft, and detect vandalism or wilful damage. Increasingly, our construction site security systems are being used by companies concerned about the health and safety implications of unauthorised entry into buildings or construction sites.

Our wireless security systems are ideally suited to construction sites, where conventional (wired) alarms and CCTV cannot be used for reasons of practicality or cost. They also deliver significant cost savings compared to manned guarding.

Complete construction site security

  • More flexible – and less expensive – than manned guarding.
  • Security protection for scaffolding, cranes, plant, materials  and high value machinery or equipment.
  • Protects site compounds, buildings and outlying areas.
  • Can protect areas up to 1 km apart.
  • Wireless security tags installed and easily repositioned.
  • Alarms and cameras integrate together to target activity “hotspots”.
  • Monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • System support can incorporate guard response to alarms.

All systems are designed to be completely standalone, and can operate without the need for mains power or fixed line telecommunications.

Where appropriate, all systems conform to the necessary British Standards and Codes of Practice and are supported by the Company’s own ISO 9001 accreditation.

Why are construction sites such natural targets for thieves?

Most site owners or managers will know the obvious answer to this – they are usually full of high value plant, materials and equipment. The access to construction sites can quickly become lax as well because workers become complacent or seasonal climate changes make conditions unmanageable. A downpour on a Friday afternoon can make securing the site over the weekend an ordeal as can hot, stuffy weather make people less inclined to go that extra mile to lock down a site from opportunistic thieves. The human element can never be overlooked but at the same time thieves can be highly organised and systematic in their targeting of a construction site.

Providing the right construction site security can also be challenging. They constantly evolve as different phases of the project come and go. The site changes physically as buildings develop and some see a high turnover of staff as different disciplines are needed at each stage of development. Tag understands the industry and the developments and changes that can affect a project. Though they are instant targets for thieves that doesn’t mean a flexible and adaptive security strategy isn’t possible. In fact it is something we have specialised in for years. Beat the thief and keep your site secure against the odds!

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