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Tag Systems has unique abilities to provide wireless security systems modified or adapted from its standard equipment or to design and manufacture solutions for specific applications.

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Tag Systems in-house design skills cover equipment hardware design, wireless communications, network integration, firmware and software control systems. A customer with special requirements can be assured of a collaborative and highly responsive attitude that takes into account realistic budgets and specifications from all of our specialist security services.

  • Rail networks (cable theft)
  • Energy & utility companies – depots and plant (cable and equipment theft)
  • Historic buildings (lead theft)
  • Special Projects
  • Remote, isolated location (theft of high value plant and equipment)
  • Quarries (cable, raw material and equipment theft)
  • Temporary security needs (public disorder or temporary accommodation following fire or natural disaster)
  • Telecom companies (cable theft)

Rail Networks

Example of some of the specialist security services that are provideddownload pdfRail networks are extraordinarily attractive to criminals.  With thousands of miles of valuable copper cabling the temptation appears irrestible inspite of the enormous risks they undertake.  The cost to rail companies, and the wider costs to society from transport delays, marks this as one of the most important crime prevention areas today.  For the last few years we have become accustomed to daily stories of cancelled trains and people unable to get to work on time because of cable theft on the rail networks;  in spite of the frequent deaths of criminals from electrocution.

Tag Systems has been developing a range of specific security devices and detectors.  Solutions have recently been made available to British Transport Police, Network Rail and other major companies.  These new solutions allow individual protection of major lengths of copper cable, both live and neutral, at ground level, below ground and on overhead gantries.

The level of losses is so high that action is essential to protect the infrastructure.  The solutions developed specifically for these applications have undergone trials and are now being rolled out progressively.  The criminals will start to find that their activities will no longer take place unnoticed.

Energy and Utility Companies

Example of some of the specialist security services that are provided

download pdfThe same economic circumstances , very high scrap metal and copper prices, that drive crime on railways is also affecting electricity and utility companies on a worldwide basis.  The ‘family’ of cable anti-theft devices recently developed by Tag Systems now provide the means for electricity companies to protect cable networks.

The devices include standalone units for individual transmission poles, current and voltage  detectors that are triggered if cables are cut, and pulse generators that permit monitoring of cables even when they are not energised.  Tag Systems is also always willing to undertake design and development to meet specific situations not covered by existing equipment.

The systems are wirleless and operate on the same communications backbone and operating platform as all other Tag security systems.  These have been in use for nearly 20 years and continue to be developed to take advantage of technical advances in telecommunications.  The result is extremely robust and proven systems with built-in self checking and maintenance; all remotely monitored 24 hours every day of the year.

Historic Buildings Security

download pdfThe rocketing price of lead means that thieves have been targeting churches up and down the country to steel lead from their roofs. It’s not just churches that are at risk; railway buildings, schools, stately homes and even residential properties are at risk.  Traditional security measures are not really suitable for this type of application. Standard external detectors on roofed areas will give false alarm in the presence of seagulls, pigeons and other wildlife.

Tag Systems has developed a bespoke solution with a wireless security system purpose-designed to combat this lead theft crime wave.  The system comprises a detection wire which is secured to leaded areas with a weather resistant, externally rated adhesive.  Each zone, typically between 50 and 100 metres in length, terminates in a small wireless transmitter that sends its signals to a base station installed inside the church or any other building to be protected.  Should any part of the cable be broken or tampered with, which would occur if a thief attempted to remove the lead, it would activate the system.  The system can only be activated when the detection cable is physically disturbed and therefore will not false alarm.

Tag Systems own central monitoring station, manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, monitors all alarm activity within seconds.  Operators can identify the location of the building and even the exact area on the roof which is being attacked.

A security sequence is started and, usually, a private security firm is sent to investigate immediately.  If a crime is verified the Police may be asked to respond and make the arrest. In 9 months over 100 arrests have been made.

Special Projects

Example of some of the specialist security services that are provided

Tag Systems has developed its entire operating system in-house.  The device firmware and the wireless operating system software is all designed within the company.  This allows special projects to be commissioned by customers and developed at minimal cost and with maximum security and prospect of succesful outcome.

Security devices to detect unauthorised movement of portable aluminium trackway for events and temporary access are good examples of how the company has responded to very unusual requirements of a client.  The company has examined and produced numerous targeted applications in response to customer demands.

A special project starts with both parties agreeing the terms of reference and from there understanding the true nature of the problem and its causes.  Occasionally the solution is a change in procedures at other times something more substantial is called for and our expertise in design and manufacturing really helps differentiate us from run-of-the-mill competitors.

Talk to us and you may be surprised to discover how responsive  we can be – without costing you a fortune.