Intruder Detection Systems

Pioneering Technology With Intruder Detection Systems

We pioneered the development of the intruder detection alarm system. All have a proven track record of success, are quick and simple to install and will deliver major savings on your security expenditure.

Who is on your premises when they are unoccupied? What was their point of entry?  Which areas did they visit? And, most importantly, when they do enter your premises, what then protects your building and its valuable content from the risk of theft, vandalism and fire?

Tag Systems has the answers – and solutions – to all these questions. Our intruder detection systems are the most sophisticated available yet highly affordable. And they can be tailored to your exact needs and circumstances.


TagWatch is an integrated detection and camera system which is battery powered and totally wireless. This product is perfect for nighttime surveillance as well as throughout the day.

The camera includes infra red LEDs which will illuminate dark areas to allow the camera to function in any environment. Short video clips are sent to the remote monitoring centre enabling visual verification of alarm activity.

Long before installation, we undertake an extensive on-site survey and take the time to understand what you want the security systems to achieve.

For more information download our TAG Watch Camera System PDF Brochure below:


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Monitoring Process

Wireless and Versatile

Our intruder detection systems are battery operated and do not need telephone lines to work. Being wireless it is far less costly to install and more versatile – you can even move it from location to location as the need arises. Despite this flexibility, it is still just as effective at combating crime or raising the alarm when an intruder enters. They are a fraction of the cost of manned guarding and of course, they don’t take tea breaks, fall asleep, spend hours on the Internet or leave the site on extended “breaks”.

More importantly, our intruder detection systems are continuously monitored 24/7, 365 days a year so you have peace of mind that they are always working – whether in the middle of the night, weekends or public holidays.

Our wireless intruder detection systems were designed specifically for providing security for building and construction sites, empty property, and a wide range of utility and commercial sites.  Most of these will be unattended for significant periods making them easy targets for criminals.

Where appropriate, all projects conform to the necessary British Standards and Codes of Practice and are supported by the Company’s own ISO 9001 accreditation. We like to make sure that the security we provide is up to scratch!


It won't fall asleep

We can detect when and where your premises are entered and where people go; and we monitor all this remotely. Alarm response is arranged with top quality security guarding and keyholding companies and we can also call on police for verified alarms.

The system will be maintained by us under a monthly contract so you get a total service.  Capable of operating without cabling or telephone lines the systems are quick to install and easy to re-configure. We have a wide range of detection devices allowing the most suitable selection to be made.

Surprisingly the costs are very low starting from as little as £50 per week.  Of course, as your site grows the system is easily extendable but you only pay for what you need.

For short to medium term applications there is no better or more cost effective solution to 24/7 intruder detection.

Where appropriate, all systems conform to the necessary British Standards and Codes of Practice and are supported by the Company’s own ISO 9001 accreditation.

TAG Alarm

At the core of Tag Systems wireless intruder detection systems is our TagAlarm range of products and our own central monitoring facility; specially trained staff understand what it is happening on site and take immediate action. The speed of response of kit affords has repeatedly led to criminals being caught red handed.


  • Base Station
  • Standard and Hand Portable
  • Hand Portable range: Maximum 150 meters
  • Standard Range: Maximum 300 meters

  • IR 35
  • Internal Use
  • Wide angle range: 11 x 11 meters
  • Narrow angle range: 1.2 x 17 meters

  • IR 70/2
  • External use
  • Range: 2.5 x 45 meters

  • IR114 FR (Quad) and IR114 R (Dual)
  • Internal or External use
  • Quad range and spread: 12 meters with 180° coverage
  • Dual range and spread: 12 meters with 90° coverage

  • Active (TX/RX) Tansmitter / Receiver
  • EPerimeter (minimum install of x2 units)
  • Range: Up to 75 meters
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  • TagDetector (detector with built in Base Station)
  • Standalone product
  • Mobile/temporary
  • Range: 24 meters (12 m either side of TagDetector body)
  • Coverage: 15°-180°

  • Guard Attendance Tag (GAT)
  • Mobile response arrival/departure verification
  • System Defer and/or Patrol In/Out