Transport & Logistics Security

Securing your transport & logistics firm

Guarding a business against theft and vandalism is a vitally important and difficult task that requires a number of different technological tools. And this is all the more so if the business in question consists mostly of portable assets, like trucks and vans.

If it’s your business to transport goods from one place to another, then you’ll want to ensure that those goods have the best possible protection during the trip. Fortunately, we’ve a number of measures that will help to great exactly that sort of protection. Let’s examine them, and see how they might benefit your transport and logistics business.

GPS tracking

It’s never been easier to keep track of mobile assets. Thanks to satellite technology, we’re able to find out at the click of a mouse exactly where a given vehicle is – and we’re able to retrospectively examine the routes that those vehicles have taken.

For a logistics firm that depends on minimising unnecessary travel, and keeping journeys as efficient and straight as possible, this information is invaluable. But it’s especially so from a security point of view. If a vehicle is stolen, then it might quickly disappear – but with the help of the full monitoring service we offer, it can be quickly tracked down and recovered.

TagGPS is a technology that can easily be adopted by transport firms of all sizes. The devices used can either be leased, or they can be bought outright. They’re simple to install and move from vehicle to vehicle, too – which is especially useful for those running a large and constantly-evolving fleet.

The software provides managers with detailed reports, which can be viewed and controlled via any PC with internet access. In order to further protect your goods, you’ll also have the data you need to encourage and incentivise safer driving among your fleet – ensuring that avoidable accidents are minimised.

WatchLock, Triton and Kylos

As well as knowing exactly where your goods are, it’s useful to also know the state that they’re in. With the help of a trio of devices, we can provide an extra layer of security even while our goods are in transit.

A WatchLock is a device that combines an ordinary padlock with a GPS transmitter. It’ll keep a constant record of lock and unlock events, allowing you to closely monitor when goods are being accessed – even when they’re thousands of miles away.

A Triton is a device that works in a similar way – except that it’s designed to fit into the hinge of a shipping container. It’ll provide fleet managers with real-time tracking of those containers, as well as alerts when those containers are opened and closed.

Finally, we have Kylos, which is a device which provides real-time tracking of merchandise, alerting whenever that product leaves a defined area.

Each of these options will provide a solution for a certain sort of transport business. When combined with a GPS tracker, they’ll safeguard your vehicles – and the goods they’re transporting – as never before.