Security Sectors

Ideal security for property developers

If your business makes its money by investing and developing property, then you’ll need a means of ensuring that your investments are protected against would-be thieves and vandals. Here at TAG, we provide a number of different products which can provide exactly the required protection.

Problems faced by property developers

When we consider how we might reduce the likelihood of a break in, we should ensure that we minimise the potential reward of a break-in, while heightening the risk. Unfortunately, if your business is focused on renovation – or on building new homes from scratch, then you’ll be inherently more vulnerable, since all of the physical barriers that normally deter thieves like walls and doors might not be in place.

For operators of large construction sites, these problems can be addressed by concentrating technologies in a single place, and by maintaining a large team of security staff to keep a constant watch.

For property developers, however, this approach might not be practical – if you’re not running one large construction project, but several hundred smaller ones, then it’s impossible to effectively safeguard them all using the same approach. A leaner, more mobile solution is called for. Fortunately, we’ve developed exactly such a solution.

Wireless CCTV

CCTV is an excellent tool in the battle against crime. It allows us to monitor and prevent break-ins before they occur, and to collect evidence about wrongdoing as it’s going on. Wires are a serious impediment to effective CCTV. They are costly to install and implement, and present a tripping hazard. Moreover, they can be easily sabotaged by an enterprising thief with a pair of pliers.

A wireless solution like the one we offer is therefore preferable. It’s entirely self-contained, with all of the computer hardware being located in a compartment at the base, powered by a generator. From the top of this base unit extends a long pole with the camera itself on top, ensuring that it can cover a wide area – and that it’s virtually immune from sabotage.

Business owners are then able to view security footage remotely via their tablet or desktop machine. TAG’s remote monitoring station can provide 24-hour surveillance of all of your cameras, ensuring that any break-in events are observed and reacted to in real time. The systems can even be integrated with our wireless alarm systems – ensuring that your sites have the best possible protection.

The key advantage of an approach such as this one is flexibility. If you’re running several different sites at various stages of completion, then the ability to easily migrate a security solution from one site to another (without dealing with costly wiring and installation problems) is invaluable. That’s why so many councils, rail developers and other construction firms use security towers: with just a handful of them, you can provide protection for a constantly-evolving pool of construction projects – and ensure that even the most remote of them is provided with high-level security.