Security Sectors

As a company we deal with an array of security sectors ranging from construction sites to rail networks.

This section talks all about the different security sectors that we deal with and how intruder detection and surveillance can benefit them. If you have a particular security sector requirement then you can go straight to that page here:

What are our security sectors?

All of our security services are under one single contract with most of them being on a monthly renewable contract. Each of our security sectors have their own methods and solutions. How can Tag Systems help your specific sector?

Construction Sites

A security sector we do very well with is Construction SitesTag Systems offer a wide variety of high quality security systems to try and keep your site secure. Sometimes wired alarms and CCTV systems are not practical for construction sites due to the layout of the site or the cost. This is why our wireless security systems are ideally suited to construction sites. They are more flexible and less expensive than manned guarding with protection for cranes, materials, scaffolding and high valued machinery. They protect areas up to 1km apart so if your construction site is particularly large then you don’t need to worry about certain parts not being monitored.

Building Sites

Building Site SecurityWhen it comes to building sites our systems help both site owners and developers to meet health and safety implications for unauthorised entry onto building sites. As a company we cater for all sites whether they are large or small developments with all of our building site security systems designed to be standalone and operate without needing mains power or fixed line communications telecommunications.

Rail Networks

Cable Theft on Railway NetworkRail Networks are a priority security sector for Tag Systems and we have a lot of experience in this area. With the number of people and level of equipment on a rail network every day you need to have a security system in place to ensure the health and safety of the workforce. We have developed bespoke wireless CCTV and alarm systems to ensure that the right security is in place on the rail track. There is also the risk of people wandering onto tracks and where there are hot spots for this kind of activity this can also be detected and the alarm raised before accident, injury or indeed fatality can occur.

Energy & Utility Companies

A security sector we are keen to develop are rail networks Energy & Utility Companies have faced many criminal offences especially with copper piping and cables being a big target for thieves. The extent of crimes now levelled at energy and utility companies, targeting materials, has led to a need for constant surveillance on those sites. There are also protest situations that can cause trespassing and vandalism that need monitoring. This is why we have cost effective solutions that are specially designed for these sectors so you can have the top security that you need for your company at a reasonable and affordable price.

Heritage & Listed Property

Lead Theft from Historic BuildingsSecurity systems for heritage and listed properties such as churches, cathedrals and schools are especially different from traditional security measures this is due to the shape, size and location of the building. The aesthetics of the buildings need to be considered and of course in some cases the buildings are listed so a separate standalone CCTV unit would be required. We have created a bespoke solution that has a wireless security system specially designed to conquer the crimes that can occur in this sector. The main benefit of this system is it can only be activated when the detection cable is physically disturbed, this means that there cannot be any false alarms, with any external wildlife tripping the alarm.

If you need any help regarding choosing the right security sector that you fit into then please don’t hesitate to call or email us.