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Safety & Security in the Workplace: An Ultimate Guide

Preventing illness, violence, injury and security issues in the workplace is the most important job there is. The key role of a business owner or manager is maintaining the safety and security of the employees and the work environment. 

There are many ways to improve safety and security in an organisation, which results in an increase in production, morale, and efficiency. Below is our ultimate guide for a safe and secure workplace!  

Make Sure The Office/Work Environment Is Secure

An effective, up to date alarm system should be the first safety measure implemented in the office to enhance security. Have a look at our Intruder Detection Systems here.

Having CCTV at the premises has an array of benefits. Research has shown that the certainty of being caught is more deterrent than punishment. It also provides evidence for prosecution after the crime has taken place. 

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It is vital that the locks are up to British Standard. It is more than likely that a requirement of any office insurance policy is that the lock has to be BS 3621. Locks act as a secure barrier and provide employees with a sense of security.  

Keeping petty cash in a safe with a complex code acts as a barrier for criminals stealing any valuables. Using an AiS approved safe will give the best chance of your money staying safe. Make sure only the minimal number of employees know the code for the safe, increasing security further. 

Biometrics has become a common part of the security system used in the office buildings, Fingerprint, retina and hand geometry are some of the common variations of the biometrics. Biometrics provide that additional security measure for the workplace. 

Train Your Employee

It is essential that at least one employee is trained in first aid in the workplace ideally, all employees should be aware of the basic techniques in administering first aid. If a business runs on a shift pattern rotation, then one person per shift is an absolute minimum to be fully qualified in delivering first aid. 

Even though accidents cannot be totally ruled out from the workplace, they can be effectively managed when they happen through first aid training. From heart attacks to seizures and workplace accidents, help will quickly appear from employees who have had extensive first aid training, thus providing temporary relief and reducing the likelihood of a fatality. 

Improve safety in the workplace, save money, improve the wellbeing of your staff, save lives, provide temporary pain relief and promote security by investing in first aid training!

Have A Safety And Security Plan

Having a crisis security plan is essential for any workplace if an accident or security incident occurs. It provides your staff with a granulated list of how to act if the worst occurs to minimise risk and damage for both the employee and the business. 

A plan sets out the rules and policies that a business upholds. For example, lone working safety, security codes, and expectations. It gives employees a sense of security as it provides clear instructions. 

Along with the physical security of the employees, it is essential to ensure that important data, networks, software, equipment, and a company’s assets are also protected. Having an effective security plan has an array of benefits for both the business and the employees. 

Staff need to be aware of the safety exits within the building and where the safety equipment is. For example, the first aid box and fire extinguisher. 

Maintain Premises And Machinery

It is essential that all the buildings are in good repair, equipment needs to be up to date and machinery needs to be risk assessed with the appropriate measures in place to maintain safety in the workplace.

Machinery needs to be regularly cleaned so there is a decreased risk of contamination and so it runs smoothly.

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