Time Lapse Image Of Busy City

Reasons to Use Time-Lapse Photography on Your Construction Site

When it comes to the security of your construction site, time-lapse photography can be an extremely valuable tool. If you have been wondering about investing in it but are still uncertain, then here are just a few of the reasons why time-lapse photography can be a very wise investment.

Keep A Constant Eye On Things

When it comes to time-lapse cameras there plenty of different ones on the market – they come in a range of different sizes and shapes, and of course, prices range as well. Webcams might be cheap to purchase and very simple to install. But, they are simply not that robust, and of course, the image quality isn’t really up to that much. The footage provided by police from scene of crime footage is a testimony to this.

What you should be looking for is a camera with a much higher resolution that can be installed on your site where it can take regular pictures. Ultra-wide images are a distinct advantage allowing you to capture the whole site and if the quality is good enough, you should be able to zoom in closer to take a look at even the smallest details. You should also ensure that the system you choose is installed correctly – and this is where it can be a good idea to get a professional company who specialises in this type of security to do the job for you.

Time-lapse photography has a number of advantages, especially on a construction site where issues can occur. If there is an on-site accident, you should be able to review the footage in great detail and see exactly what happened and who was involved. It can also be useful if you have a dispute over the quality of some of the work that has been done, helping you identify who was responsible and ay shortcuts they might have taken so that you can have things rectified.

A good time-lapse camera system can be placed on a network so that it can be accessed and reviewed by colleagues in other parts of the company. This can be especially helpful if you have offices all over the world. Progress can be monitored at all times whether this is from the site office, head office or while you are on the road.

Fantastic Image Quality

Whether you need still or moving images, time-lapse photography can produce both and with excellent quality. Good quality high-resolution cameras can provide you with an instant replay of any previous images, and the most recent developments. The quality of the images that you capture will be good enough not just for monitoring your site but also for importing into any presentations that you may need to make about the progress of the work that is being carried out. They could also be used for social media updates, publicity material and even on your website to show potential clients and investors what you do.

Time-lapse photos can also be stitched together and make fantastic footage. This will allow you to watch your project as it is built, step by step. You will be able to edit out any of the more boring images of nighttime shots to provide a transition that is seamless. This can be used for all sorts of purposes; it is so much more than a record of how things have progressed.

The Images Last For Years

Choosing the right time-lapse camera is really important. You need to consider the environment where you want it installed, so look for something that is specifically suited to your requirements and those of your site – it must be able to withstand the environment where it will be, or you run the risk of missing vital footage. Look for something that will take images at the appropriate intervals and where possible it is always a good idea to look for a company who will not only install the camera but also provide a maintenance package as well, this will help keep your investment working for years to come.

Cheaper webcams or cameras have their uses. They can be great for recording all sorts of occasions, but they are simply not robust enough to withstand the conditions that you need your camera to work in. The right camera is a must if you want a continuous stream of reliable footage on your construction site.

They Are Robust

Conditions on a construction site can be less than favourable – open to the elements, muddy, dusty and generally rather exposed to everything that life can throw at them. Your camera needs to be able to cope with the heat of the summer, the freezing temperatures in the winter and the frequent rain.

A professional company will be able to install your time-lapse camera with the professionalism that you require. They will assess your site and your requirements before advising you on the best camera for your needs. They will then be able to install this using the right mountings and casing to offer the best protection to the camera, while still allowing you to receive clear images.

In the event that your site has no power, or limited power, and a lack of data feds they will be able to find you a camera that will work under these conditions.

Control It Remotely

With a good quality time-lapse camera, you will be able to control your time-lapse photography from where ever you are. With a fully motorise camera you will have access to all the normal functions; zoom in or out, pan left or right and even tilt up and down.

If your camera ceases to take images, and this is usually due to a disruption in the power supply to the site, then your maintenance company will be able to remotely reboot so that there is no need for anyone to come out and look at the camera.

Time-lapse photography really can be very beneficial for your construction site, so it really is worth taking the time to seek professional advice on the best product for your needs and not simply choosing the cheapest option out there.