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Reasons To Use Tag Systems For Your Security Solutions

Whether you are a large or small business, it is always necessary to have essential security precautions in place. 

From CCTV cameras to specialist time-lapse photography. In this blog, we are going to go through the main benefits that we provide, here at Tag Systems.

Let’s go through our different security solution options and discover the reasons as to why you should use us for your security.

Intruder Detection Systems

Who is on your premises when they are unoccupied? What was their point of entry? When they do enter your premises, what then protects your building and its valuables from the risk of theft, vandalism and fire?

These are just a few of the questions that you may be thinking if you have been broken into without any security footage to look back on. However, we have the answer, our intruder detection systems can be tailored to your exact needs and requirements.

Our range of TagAlarm wireless intruder detection systems include our own central monitoring facilities, where specially trained staff will be able to understand what is happening on-site and take immediate action. Our technology is proven, the speed of response from our systems has repeatedly led to criminals being caught red-handed and prosecuted.

Reasons You Should Consider Intruder Detection Systems

Our equipment is battery operated and does not need telephone lines to work, making this ideal for businesses that mainly focus on holding stock and do not rely on telephone communications, they can also be easily moved to any location, so whether your business is expanding or moving, this is something you do not have to worry about.

But, most importantly, our systems are continuously monitored 24/7, 365 days a year, so you can have peace of mind no matter what time you are working. Moreover, introduce our systems of detection alongside other products such as CCTV and you will experience huge benefits over CCTV alone.

Find out more about our Intruder Detection Systems, here.


Let’s start with our innovative TagCam, the flagship product of the Tag Surveillance fleet. This CCTV security system offers a range of wireless solutions, from entirely standalone 3G Systems to networked installation using wireless LAN technology.

There is also our TagWatch to consider too, which is an integrated detection and camera system which is battery powered and totally wireless, making this product equally as perfect for night time, as well as throughout the day. The camera also includes infrared LEDs which will illuminate dark areas to allow camera functionality in any environment.

Reasons You Should Consider CCTV

Our CCTV equipment is already provided to a diverse range of clients, including shopping centres, quarries, construction sites and office complexes, but they are also ideal for a brand new array of businesses that feel they need this essential security for their company.

Also, long before you have your installation, we can undertake an extensive on-site survey and take the time to understand the security systems you really need, and as professionals, we know that more or less every business needs CCTV.

Find out more about our CCTV options, here.

Turnstile Access Control Systems

TagAccess is our suite of turnstile access control systems and is a good starting point for your full site security and Health & Safety management.

All of these systems can be modified to your specific needs with secure access options, including biometric controls (fingerprint, palm and retinal scanners) cards or fobs. Which is all connected using our unique interlinked systems, meaning that multiple entry points can be managed on each site from one location, allowing for capabilities of zoned access and swift site evacuation.

Reasons You Should Consider Turnstile Access Control Systems

Ideal for sub-contractors and many other industries, our access control systems are versatile for many different buildings, from gate solutions, with a two-way auto system, waist height and full height solutions, which are all designed with the layout of your business building in mind.

Also, with the choice of our fobs and fingerprint recognition options, this is ideal for business buildings, where you can prevent any tailgating from others who are not supposed to be in your premises. (This is especially heard of in co-working areas.)

Find out more about our Turnstile Access Control Systems, here.

Biometric Readers

In the technology-based society we live in today, traditional authentication methods are gradually becoming obsolete. Meaning that biometric readers are becoming more widely used, taking over the need for passwords or ID card authentication due to the numerous advantages this has.

You may have not thought of this, but biometric authentication offers a cost-effective solution that creates a higher ROI for your business, compared to traditional forms.

Reasons You Should Consider Biometric Readers

The main benefits of biometrics are the uniqueness in that people possess unique physiological features, which can’t be as easily replicated as ID cards or password-style authentication, making this an ideal solution for many different businesses.

Whether you are undergoing a large construction process, where other people cannot be on site, or maybe you are sharing office space and want to keep your area secure, this option is definitely one to consider.

Find out more about our Biometric Readers, here.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire is an ever-present threat, so why would you take the risk? Combat the threat of fire with our wireless, portable and fully monitored wireless fire alarm systems.

The TagFire alarm range offers three levels of protection and is frequently operated in conjunction with our wireless security and intruder detection systems, as recommended under the joint Code of Practice:

  1. Wireless smoke detectors providing a base level of fire detection.
  2. Detection and evacuation warning system for site personnel, this includes break-glass units and klaxons for localised audible warnings.
  3. The ‘maximum’ level includes all our core fire alarm products, but with the addition of a ‘Master Blaster’ siren for the evacuation of the whole site.

Reasons You Should Consider Fire Alarm Systems

Although our fire alarm systems are ideal for many different businesses, our wireless systems are beginning to specifically be used for building and construction projects as no cable runs are required and they can easily be moved to new locations as work on-site progresses.

Plus, with Health & Safety legislation and more demanding insurance requirements, this means that all properties (this again includes building and construction sites) must have adequate fire detection and evacuation warning systems in place to protect personnel.

Find out more about our Fire Alarm Systems, here.


We have been involved in the design, manufacture and monitoring of GPS tracking systems for over twenty years, making us one of the most experienced in the industry.

Our vehicle tracking devices are simple to install, have minimal operating costs and can be bought outright, avoiding long-term binding contracts. Another benefit is that they can easily be moved to another vehicle and can all be controlled from PC software that can be viewed with just internet access alone.

Reasons You Should Consider GPS Tracking Systems

Our GPS Tracking systems are an undeniable option for any business that uses an array of company cars, vans or agricultural machinery, as you can see where your vehicle is via the internet through Google maps and satellite views.

Find out more about our GPS Tracking Systems, here.

Time-Lapse Photography

When you’re successful, you want people to recognise it and with our Time-Lapse Video Equipment, this makes that possible across the entire process. Throughout your project, you will be provided with HD colour video that will allow you to truly capture the scale of your work, which will become the perfect tool for showcasing your success both in house and to new customers.

Reasons You Should Consider Time Lapse Photography

If you are a construction business or any other sector that relies on providing raw evidence of your successful work, then our time-lapse equipment is essential. This works perfectly to monitor the work, let your clients know the process and to also excel your own businesses portfolio.

Find out more about our Time-Lapse Photography Equipment, here.

Now that we have gone through the underlying benefits of our services and the different security solutions that we provide, it is now time for your business to undergo the essential precautions that help to prevent any form of theft from happening to your company. 

If you would like to find out more, then please do feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, by ringing us on 01427 666111.