Reasons & Benefits Of Using Camera Security Services

With an average of 69.2 crimes happening every hour in businesses across the UK, it’s easy to see that these are not uncommon occurrences and businesses should be putting measures in place to prevent them from happening. 

A total of 58% of business crime cases go unresolved, with no identified suspects. CCTV is one of the best ways to firstly, prevent a crime in the first place, but secondly, if it does take place, it provides good quality evidence to help resolve your case.

In this article, we’re going to explain the many ways CCTV can benefit your business, and how Tag Systems can help.   


CCTV Acts as a Deterrent

Having a CCTV system installed can prevent a crime from even happening in the first place. Potential criminals will often be put off by following through with a crime if they know there’s a high chance of getting caught. Therefore having CCTV on your premises significantly lowers the risk of break ins, vandalism and anti-social behaviour. Don’t be afraid to advertise the fact there’s CCTV with signs around your premises such as ‘CCTV in Operation’ and ‘Trespassers will be Prosecuted’. 


It Keeps Employees Accountable

As much as it’s important to install a level of trust within your workplace, we can’t ignore the fact that employee theft costs UK businesses over £190 million a year, and procedures need to be in place to prevent this as much as possible. Your employees will know your business more than anyone else, making it much easier for them to commit crimes such as theft.

In addition to preventing crime, CCTV has shown to benefit businesses by increasing employee productivity due to being held more accountable for the work that they’re doing, as well as helping them feel more secure in their workplace in the event of any accidents or incidents.


In the Event That Something Happens, You’ll Have Proof

Capturing high quality video footage will not only allow you to identify who committed the crime, but also capture details such as their vehicle number plate or any other key information to track them down. In the event that criminals do break into your premises, you’ll have a collection of evidence to show the police which can be used to help with the prosecution, as well as to back up insurance claims. Having this video evidence significantly increases the chances of successfully prosecuting the criminal, which not only brings justice to you, but saves the community from any further criminal activity. 


It’s Cost Effective

Having CCTV may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially with the initial costs of set-up and installation, however having it in place means you’re actively preventing potential thefts or damages that could cost thousands to your business. Not only could you save a lot of money, but also you could also be saving a lot of time and stress dealing with these incidents.  

CCTV systems are also much cheaper in the long term compared to security guards, who will likely require increases in pay in line with year-on-year inflation, as well as additional benefits like sick pay, holiday pay and pensions.


Benefits of CCTV with Tag Systems

  • We monitor your premises 24/7, 365 days a year
  • You get peace of mind that any incidents will be caught and acted upon immediately
  • We offer fully wireless systems that can be implemented wherever you need security the most
  • Our cameras use infrared technology so you can rest assured your premises are being covered both day and night
  • We have audio challenge systems that are highly effective in deterring trespassers
  • Up to 1km range

If you are interested in finding out more information then you can request a free consultation with our team where we can discuss your specific requirements and find a package that is going to suit you and our business. Alternatively, you can call us on 01427 666111 or email us at,