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Our Total Solution – What You Need To Know

Having a fully planned solution for your business security is vital, as not only will it help protect your business premises, but it can also prevent incidents with your workforce and sub-contractors, from theft to employees experiencing raised temperatures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our range of solutions is here to protect all and improve your business for the better.

To begin the tour of our full access solution, let’s introduce our access options.


Biometric, Facial Monitoring & Thermal Detection Systems

Firstly, we have our biometric, facial monitoring and thermal detection systems, which provide many advantages over traditional contact systems, alongside the ability to document who is on your site.

The use of these systems, especially during this pandemic is an absolute must, unlike the traditional contact biometric systems such as a thumbprint, these systems reduce the amount of surface contact happening on your premises, as well as providing real-time body temperature monitoring with high sensitivity and +/- 0.5-degree accuracy. This effectively assists the business to prevent the spread of COVID-19 with thermal temperature screening and cameras that detect users with elevated skin temperature, preventing access of employees to the site.

Our facial monitoring can help create an easy access point for your workers and works alongside our thermal detection systems, providing the perfect solution to access points day or night where your face quite literally becomes the key.

Turnstiles, Barriers, Gates & Blockers

Helping to provide peace of mind, knowing the only people you want on your site, are on your site.

Within our range, we also include the following features and solutions –

– Multi RFID Card reading

– CSCS Integration

– Pre-Enrollment

– Co2 Reporting

– Time & attendance

– Fire Roll Call

– Created to your requirements

We also have ANPR cameras which partner with our gates and barriers.

ANPR Cameras

Our ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras allow you to provide or restrict any vehicle any access by vehicles to your site. Alongside this, they can be used to enforce speed limits, control access to high-risk areas and monitor any vehicle movements. 

Our ANPR cameras are simply fitted to your chosen gate or barrier and work perfectly to help monitor the people you want access to the site and the people you don’t.

CCTV Options 

Mains, Battery, Hybrid & Solar

Our range of CCTV options means that we can provide you with tailor-made solutions that meet the requirements of your site, no matter how remote. Battery and hybrid towers offer alternatives for sites with no access to mains power.

If you feel your site may have noise level issues, then our battery box and towable solar towers are especially ideal as these provide alternative no noise power solutions.

Monitored All Day, Everyday

At Tag Systems, our Alarm Response Centre (ARC) can monitor your premises for any intrusions, even when nobody is present. Furthermore, our wireless detectors can inform the ARC of any unwanted guests that may be present on your site and then issue a verbal warning for them to vacate the premises whilst constantly monitoring their activities.

All of our CCTV towers and chameleon systems also have the innovative ability to be remotely accessed via a mobile, laptop, tablet or computer, so you can see what is happening on your site anywhere in the world, all you need is a device and an internet connection.

Fire Solution Options

Fire Detection Systems

Fire can destroy everything within a matter of minutes, which is why at Tag Systems, we ensure we provide solutions that can help prevent this, our range of wireless fire detection and monitoring systems are constantly being developed to bring you the latest technology.

Every single one of our fire products is wireless, which means you have the freedom to place our systems anywhere you would like on your site, so there are no unnecessary and often impractical cable runs. With our systems being wireless, if the alarm is triggered anywhere on site, it will then send a signal to all klaxons and strobes around the site, informing everyone of the fire and opening gates, turnstiles and barriers to allow easy exit points from the site.

Our fire systems also connect to the same control box as our CCTV systems, so on detection of a fire, our control centre will be notified and they will contact the relevant authorities for you.

 Portable Fire Station

Our portable fire station can be used anywhere without the need for fitting any extra equipment. This system also consists of medical and fire break glass units, a 127db klaxon and a visual strobe light.

This is a completely wireless unit, and it is easy to add more units as your site grows to create a chain of efficient, wireless and portable detection systems. Again, once a fire alarm is triggered from any one of the fire stations, it wirelessly signals all the other fire systems, sounding the alarm all around the site.

Guarding Options

Sometimes technology needs a helping hand, which is why we also have hourly and 24/7 guarding options available, which include the following –

– Guarding available Hourly or 24/7

– Man Guard only

– Man and Dog

– 24/7 contact with the Tag control centre

– National Coverage

– Key-holding

– Besc certified

– Alarm response service

– Mobile Patrols

– Guard attendance tag

Keyless GPS TagLock

Our innovative GPS TagLock is an essential product for this or any other current pandemic, as well as being the next big thing for many businesses, especially construction sites and office spaces.

Here is what it offers –

  1. Remote Access – Does not require a key to open, so it can be remotely accessed from a PC or mobile phone.
  2. Alerts In Real-Time – Alerts on any breach or tamper to try and damage the lock.
  3. Multiple Users – The lock can have multiple users, meaning you can choose who has access and you can also choose what authorisation people have.
  4. External Sensors – The TagLock can connect to external sensors using Bluetooth connectivity.
  5. GPS – It also continuously transmits its locations through GPS.

Our Total Solution

At Tag Systems, we are proud to have continuously pioneered the technology used in creating our full solution, which helps to cater to your business needs and includes everything we have explained. Our total solution provides everything you need in one complete system to keep your business as safe as it can be.

Here you can see our full solution video, which visually represents how our systems can help your business premises.


If you would like to find out more about how we can help, please feel free to send over an email to – webenquiries@tagsystems.co.uk or give us a call on – 01427 666111