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Security Time Lapse Solution

There are some events in life that you wish would slow down but construction is not one of them. Construction projects take months to complete, with so many steps to get you to the final stage, it can often feel like a constant battle. 

Our time-lapse solution is an effective tool for informing and remembering the construction process that seemed never-ending. It provides those nostalgic feelings and a sense of achievement, but what is it?


What is Time-Lapse Photography?

Time-lapse photography allows you to see events unfolding in front of our eyes in a short time. The project is recorded using specialist equipment and software transforms it into a short video clip, of a collation of high-quality images.  A time-lapse camera can be installed almost anywhere, so you can get video footage from any angle of your choice. Many project managers opt for a camera view that isn’t possible without specialist equipment, providing a new and exciting perspective of the project. 


Benefits of Time Lapse Solution

Inform the team

Everyone knows that it isn’t just the people working on the construction sites that are involved in the project. People working on the sites know how the project is progressing but what about collaborators who don’t visit the site until the project has finished? A time-lapse camera keeps everyone on the same page and thoroughly informed with the progress.  


Testimonial for future clients

Anyone can ask their clients for a testimonial, a few words or a video to share their experience with a company. Imagine showcasing your hard work to prospective clients in a 2-minute video, how amazing would that be?

With our time-lapse technology, people can see the project from start to finish with a real-life example; this is a far more effective and easier method for securing new projects than simply providing spreadsheets. A video increases your credibility and improves trust with potential clients. 

Just imagine their faces in the boardroom, unforgettable. 


Sense of achievement 

When you work on a project for a long period, you often forget about all the work involved. Watching the video footage will provide you with a sense of achievement as you see the project go from a construction site to the final product. 

Feeling proud of a piece of work not only improves self-esteem but motivation and morale also. Research has shown that a happy team is more productive and cost-effective for a business (less sick days and more focused on the end goal), sounds like a worthy investment all round. 


Keep track of how a project is going

Whether you are building a skyscraper, house or a garden wall, our technology allows you to keep track of the progress of the project, while maintaining the passion and motivation for it. It allows you to monitor your progress at all stages and share it with the people who need to see it. After all, a happy manager is a happy life, right?


How it Works

Tag Systems construction time-lapse video equipment is the ideal solution for recording your projects. You purchase our equipment and we will provide you with an HD colour video that will capture the true scale of your work at regular intervals throughout the construction project.

Our equipment has a range of benefits:

  • The most up-to-date, highest quality DSLR cameras, delivering the highest quality image
  • Professional lenses that fit the specifications of the project
  • Customised internal and network device
  • Bespoke computer hardware
  • Customised integrated software
  • State-of-the-art environment-controlled equipment housings

If this is something that you are interested in, or if you want to find out more information, book a free consultation here.