New Year, New Security

With 2021 well underway, it is important to start thinking about the things that need to be put into place for the new year. In particular, as a business owner you should be thinking about the security of your business premises. 

Tag Systems have been working on security products and solutions since 1996, widely recognised as Europe’s leading manufacturer of wireless security equipment. We provide wireless security systems for a wide range of sectors including, construction companies, commercial property consultants and security management specialists. 

Let’s take a look at some of the different security options we provide.


Intruder Detection Systems 

Our intruder detection systems have a proven track record of success and are extremely quick and easy to install. These systems are ideal for knowing when people are on your premises, exactly what their point of entry was and the specific areas they visited. Our intruder detection systems are the most sophisticated yet still highly affordable, find out more information here


CCTV Security Systems

We offer a variety of different CCTV security systems, depending on what it is you require. They are all completely wireless so you don’t need to worry about a major set up at the start. 

With the major development in security systems, we have been able to create and offer the best for our customers. For example, if your premise is dimly lit then you could install an infra-red camera that will show you who has entered your premises no matter how dark it is. We can also offer fixed cameras that can focus on a specific area, for example vehicle access gateways. 


Access Control Systems

Whether it is turnstile access systems or biometric readers we have got you covered. All of our systems can be modified to suit your specific needs with secure access options, these can be biometric controls, swipe cards or fobs. 

These specific systems are great for coworking office buildings where you have got multiple companies working under one roof. With our interlinked systems, multiple entry points can be managed from one location, which allows for extra capacity including zoned access and swift site evacuation. It doesn’t matter how big or small your building is, we can make these systems bespoke to suit you. 


Vehicle Tracking

If you have a lot of vehicles within your business then it is a really good idea to invest in vehicle tracking devices. They are simple to install and have minimum operating costs. With our vehicle tracking systems you will be able to view where your vehicle is from our PC software using any internet access. 


Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

As well as offering CCTV security, we also have a range of wireless fire alarm systems that is becoming more popular for building and construction projects. The systems do not require cables and can be easily moved to new locations or positions, which is why they are so beneficial for construction sites in particular. 

Take a look at the three levels of protection you can receive from our TagFire alarm range: 

  1. Base level of fire detection 
  2. Detection and evacuation warning systems, including break-glass units and klaxons
  3. Maximum level that includes all our core fire alarm products, with the addition of a ‘master blaster’ siren for evacuation of the whole site


Suitable for a Range of Sectors

Our security systems can be used within a range of different sectors, by bringing all our services under one total security solution we are able to offer an unrivalled level of customer satisfaction. 

You can find more information on each of the sectors we specialise in here. 

We really hope the above has helped you in making your decision for your security solution. We offer a free consultation where we can discuss what your business needs and provide you with the best solution, you can book yours here.