More success in the fight against crime in Swindon

Three people were arrested on a construction site in Swindon last week after they were detected on the site in the early hours of the morning.

The site is operated by George and Harding who employ Tag Guard Systems to provide security services. This site is typical of thousands of others across the country where criminals see an opportunity to help themselves to materials in the hope that they will never be detected. In this case they were unlucky as they chose a site that was protected by Tag Guard Systems.

At 04:30 in the morning an alarm was relayed to the 24-hour control centre. Cameras on the site were checked and movement was noticed in two areas. Rapid mobile response guards investigated promptly and the police were informed. Shortly after five o’clock the police arrived on site and having checked thoroughly found three sleepers. They also found a supermarket trolley loaded up with electrical cabling intended to be collected at a later time.

The implications of unauthorised intruders can have very damaging consequences not just because their intention will be to steal. The health and safety implications for the site operators can be serious. There have been cases where site operators have been held to blame for not taking reasonable measures against potential intruders. Incredible as it may seem an intruder could possibly bring a case against a site operator if he or she were injured. Provided the site operator is deemed to have taken reasonable measures this risk is minimal. By providing both secure fencing and an intruder detection system this objective is achieved.

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