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Learn About The Sectors Tag Systems Work With

We lead the market in integrated wireless security, fire and safety services. We use security systems that protect buildings, construction sites, storage yards, construction plants, vehicles and people throughout the UK and other key European markets. 

Here at Tag, we work with a range of sectors with the same goal, to keep you safe! Check out the sectors we work with below.

Construction Site Security

Security is a major issue on construction sites, as expensive tools and equipment are very desirable to criminals. Fortunately, we can help you keep your construction site more secure. We provide a single point resource, from controlling who enters the site, through to fire and detection systems.

Our wireless installation has proven reliability, rugged build quality, the flexibility of a wireless installation, together with 24-hour remote monitoring at our secure operating centre, combine to deliver an incomparable package of benefits. 

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Property and Development

If your business makes its money by investing and developing property, then your investments must be securely protected against any criminal activity. 

Here at Tag systems, we provide many different products which can provide exactly the required protection. Our building and property security system will give you peace of mind. 

Our strategy is simple, minimise the potential reward of a break-in, while heightening the risk of being caught. 


What solutions do we offer? 


CCTV is an excellent tool in the battle against crime and our property security systems utilise innovative technology. It allows us to monitor and prevent break-ins before they occur, and to collect evidence about wrongdoing as it’s going on. 

We offer a wireless solution, that is entirely self-contained, with all of the computer hardware being located in a compartment at the base, powered by a generator. Business owners are then able to view security footage remotely via their tablet or desktop machine. 

Our remote monitoring station can provide 24-hour surveillance of all of your cameras, ensuring that any break-in events are observed and reacted to in real-time. The systems can even be integrated with our wireless alarm systems – ensuring that your sites have the best possible protection. 

Heritage and Listed Property

There has been a dramatic increase in thieves targeting churches to steal the lead from their roofs. However, it is not just churches that are at risk, railway buildings, schools, stately homes and even residential properties are desirable to criminals. 

Traditional security measures are not suitable for this type of application because standard external detectors on roofed areas will false alarm in the presence of seagulls, pigeons and other wildlife. The cost is also a huge factor as there is a limited amount of spare money for these types of buildings. 

Here at Tag systems, we can help. We have specially designed a bespoke solution with a wireless security system purpose-designed to combat this lead theft crime wave. 

The system comprises a detection cable which is secured to leaded areas with weather-resistant, externally rated adhesive. Each zone, typically between fifty and one hundred metres in length, terminates in a small wireless transmitter that sends its signals to a base station installed inside the church or any other building to be protected.

Should any part of the cable be broken or tampered with, which would occur if a thief attempted to remove the lead, it would activate the ‘TagAlarm’ system inside the building, our central monitoring station, which is manned twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, monitors all alarm activity within seconds.

Energy and Utility 

Did you know the cost of replacing stolen cable amounts to £million per year?!

Copper piping, wiring and cables have always been a prime target for thieves and with the uplift in their scrap value, incidents of copper theft have risen dramatically. Energy and Utility companies have been especially hard hit with the cost of replacing the stolen cable.

We have a highly cost-effective security solution for energy and utility companies. 

Rail Networks

Rail networks have become very vulnerable to copper crime since the price of all scrap metals soared. It is not always practical to install permanent CCTV or cost-effective to have 24 hours manned guarding. Therefore, we came up with a solution with British Transport Police, Network Rail and other affected organisations, bespoke wireless CCTV and alarm systems.

So what makes this different from conventional CCTV?

Our wireless CCTV functions in the same way as conventional CCTV but without the need for cabling. To maximise effectiveness it can be integrated with our wireless alarm systems that can be hidden within a cable reel, which is triggered if there is unauthorised movement. 

It is a lot quicker, easier and simpler to install as no phone lines are required and it can be redeployed in any new location giving major reductions in overall security costs. 


Most businesses with warehouse components suffer a great deal loss due to inventory shrinkage caused by theft within the warehouse, by their internal employees. Warehouses are a hot spot for criminals, therefore, CCTV must be installed to minimise the risk, increase safety and security in the workplace. 

Start tackling warehouse theft by ensuring you can spot it!

With a few simple changes in practice and a few of the technologies provided by us, we can ensure that your inventory is kept safe from potential thieves. 

To effectively deter crime, we recommend using motion-activated lights, surveillance cameras, alarms systems and electronic access control to monitor who is in the warehouse. 

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