COVID-19 Help For Your Site

Keeping Your Site Secure During The Pandemic

It is a frightful time for everyone, but the best thing we can do is be prepared.


During this pandemic, are we going to reach a potential point where construction sites are going to be unmanned for a lengthy period of time, or maybe have been left for weeks already? If so then it is vital that you have the right checks and precautions in place.


However, something as awful as a pandemic will not deter many thieves, in fact it is more of an optimistic opportunity, as they know areas are going to be full of potential items to steal, without anyone to guard them.


Let’s take a look at how you can have the maximum protection for your site during COVID-19.


Thorough Checks For Potential Risks


Before you do anything, it is vital that you carry out a thorough risk assessment of the whole site, so you know exactly what danger points you might have to lure in thieves.


If you complete a proper risk assessment, this means you will inspect the WHOLE of your site to find any potential hot spots, and depending on the severity, you can then work out what to do next.


Of course, you need to make sure that all of you are safe, so make sure you only have the essential staff to carry this assessment out, and ensure you have all the right clothing, protection and precautions in place. For example, make sure you all try and stay as far from each other as possible, so have certain staff focusing on certain points, and provide face masks, hand sanitiser, full-body protection suits and anything else you think is appropriate to keep everyone safe.


Although, these checks should have already been done preferably, if you find anything on  here which has made you realise you need to re-check certain areas, then only ensure that you have as few staff members as possible and ensure that you have something in use to help with contact, for example, mobiles, or any other device that can enable you all to talk to each other easily from a safe distance (Make sure to stay within the guidelines, stating people should be 2 metres apart, at least.)


However, we could try and help make these checks even easier and simpler to evaluate.




CCTV is a brilliant way for people to stay safe, as you can view this on a separate basis, but it is an easy way that you can evaluate what needs locking away or moving, as you can see in detail, everything that is located within the construction site.


Also, with our innovative systems, you are able to use audio through our equipment, which means you could have one staff member in place, so you can analyse everything via the CCTV and instruct them on what to do through the safe, audio system, as they can hear your instructions.


Alarms & Locks


A quick fix that you could consider is using alarmed fencing or perimeter sensors, which help to prevent intruders from gaining access. However, it is still important that you keep your equipment safely locked away anyway, as in some cases, nothing will stop an intruder.


Furthermore, having something as simple as a lock can be the perfect solution. Although, if you find that having a key is highly likely to get lost, then switching to electronic locks could be the perfect choice. Most modern electronic lock systems have unique identity codes which can be presented through a specific card or through biometrics, perfect to analyse who is accessing the premises and to make sure that no one is going in during the pandemic unless stated to do so.




Simple yet effective, it has been proven that having prominent signs located around your site, with messages to potential intruders can be highly effective, as it is stating to the potential thief, that if they carry on with their plans, then there will be heavy consequences alongside this illegal act.


Right now it is a frightful and uncertain time for all of us, but trying to focus on your business and how it can remain optimistic during this time is an essential technique to help get through this difficult period.


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