In recent months the increase in theft of valuable copper cable has grown to epidemic proportions

The rise in the world price of copper is reported to be the underlying reason.

Although it is hard to believe, there have been many reported incidents in which thieves have literally cut through a live high-voltage cable. The problem caused by this cable theft is huge.

The owners of property and infrastructure affected by this crime suffer losses that far exceed the value of the cable stolen. Not only must the cable be either repaired or replaced but in the period whilst this is organised the facility will be shut down. Amongst others quarries and railways and electricity substations have reported a very worrying increase in this crime.

Tag Guard Systems has responded to this concern by developing a new voltage detection system to raise an alarm if the power supply to the cable is cut off. The system can be deployed at very short notice and is a highly effective and economical solution. The system can be deployed on a wide variety of different cables and voltages. Currently Tag Guard Systems is working with a major UK quarrying company to help reduce their losses. In one case a quarry was attacked and short lengths of several adjacent cables were removed. The shutdown period and the repair costs to the cables resulted in losses approaching £100,000 for this one single incident!

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