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How Your Site Can Benefit from a GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Do you have a lot of vehicles involved in work on your site? If the answer is yes, you will know how many challenges can possibly be involved. The way you manage your vehicles, the routes they use and how your driver’s act, can all have an impact on costs. 

Customers are continuously expecting faster service, quicker delivery times, shipment tracking and many more needs. With all of this considered, it can be more difficult for fleets to stay ahead of the game. 

However, with vehicle tracking, a lot of these challenges can be resolved. It is important to remember that losses associated with vehicles are not always directly related to theft, it can also be down to unauthorised use of company vehicles that leads to a considerable loss for companies. 

At Tag Systems, we specialise in manufacturing and monitoring GPS tracking systems. Our devices are simple to install, have minimal operating costs and can be bought outright, avoiding long-term binding contracts. 

What Comes as Part of our Product?

  • Our TagTrack device can be used in cars, for the fleet management of vans and commercial vehicles.
  • TagLock is a GPS security padlock that combines a world-class security padlock with GPS tracking. 
  • Triton is a device that uses the same web application software and allows users to monitor and track containers as they move from one side of the world to another. 

We recommend using a Garmin satnav, as it is then possible to use the system to transmit messages directly to the cab using a simple connection. 


The benefits of GPS tracking are invaluable to any fleet owner, as you are getting an unprecedented level of access and control over your entire fleet. You will be able to see for yourself where your vehicles have been and programme the system to alert you should they enter restricted areas. The system also provides a range of reports that can be configured to deliver reports automatically, we find that this makes the control of the fleet a much easier task. 

For fleet managers, the system provides a range of reports that can be configured to deliver reports automatically; making control of the fleet an easier task.

Our team at Tag Systems can also help with the monitoring to assist with the recovery of stolen vehicles. 

The Benefits of Using Tag Systems 

  • Our tracking systems are simple to install
  • Have minimal operating costs, and you have the option to buy outright or lease them
  • They can be moved to another vehicle, and as they are controlled from PC software, they can be viewed using any internet access
  • Using GPS and mobile networks, they will track and trace vehicle movement to detect theft or unauthorised use
  • The mapping software includes worldwide Google Maps and satellite views 
  • The extensive reporting can be scheduled making it easy for managers to track
  • The system provides complete control over vehicle or plant use
  • Optional 24-hour remote monitoring

When it comes to choosing the company that you are going to use, it is important to choose one that has proven itself and is financially strong and resilient. Tag Systems have been operating for over 20 years so you can be assured that our clients are protected to the best of our ability.

We offer a FREE consultation where you can find out more information and see if vehicle tracking will be beneficial for your business, simply follow this link. Alternatively, you can email us at or call us on 07770 532317.