How Turnstile Access Control Units Can Help Secure Business

When you’re thinking about the security of your business, whether it’s an office, construction site or somewhere more easily accessible to the public, you’ve likely considered the security of the building to protect what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

You’ll have installed burglar alarms, you might have a reception desk to book visitors in and out… but what you might not have considered is how to keep out people who are accomplished at sneaking in and out of buildings unnoticed, and who can spot the opportunities to gain access to your site.

One sure-fire way to make sure that nobody is entering your premises that aren’t supposed to be to install turnstiles to keep any potential thieves or vandals at bay. Most systems even come with either fingerprint, palm or retinal scanners, depending on what your business needs.

Here, we look at the different turnstile options available to suit any business!

Full Height Turnstile Access

You might recognise these types of turnstile, perhaps from a football ground or other types of ticketed events. They’re popular at these types of places because they really are high security – and they look it too, which is a big plus in showing intruders that gaining unauthorised access to your site will be borderline impossible. 

We offer turnstiles in both single and double (or tandem) styles, available in a range of materials to suit your business. Both have their benefits – for example, a single might be better suited to smaller sites, whereas the tandem does offer the speed of access of two singles but as part of one specially designed unit made to save space. Most types of full height systems can be integrated with other security types, such as card or biometric access to ensure that your security really is watertight.  

Waist Height Turnstile Access

If your security needs don’t quite necessitate a full height turnstile, your business might be better equipped with a waist height one. These types of turnstile are especially useful for occasions where access control is needed, but full-scale security isn’t strictly necessary.

They’re also great for smaller spaces where you might not have room for something larger. They’re a little less extreme looking than a full height solution, which makes them a top choice for office spaces, universities or sports venues. Because they have a slightly less intimidating appearance, they might be more appropriate for public spaces, or sites where you might receive visits from clients – not every space needs to be Fort Knox!

Gate Access Turnstiles

Looking to control traffic flow to your site? Then look no further than our wide range of gate solutions! It’s likely that you’ll have encountered this type of security gate in many different places, including administrative buildings, offices or leisure facilities. They’re a popular choice in any venue simply looking to stem pedestrian traffic flow.

Whether you’re looking to ease congestion of visitors to your site (for example, at a heritage site with public access) or simply looking for a way to make it clear to any unwanted visitors that they’re not welcome, these unassuming looking gates will be sure to keep anyone out who isn’t supposed to be gaining access. Tag Systems offer a range of cost efficient solutions, from a self-closing option to fully motorised ones.

Smart Turnstile Systems

In a world where almost everything is becoming digital, we can’t neglect the idea that our security systems might also one day be fully digitised too – and that’s where the smart turnstile comes in.

Using a cloud-based control system, these smart turnstiles can automatically log who has entered and left your various sites – that’s right, you can track several sites with one fully integrated system, which even includes a timesheet!  And of this will save you an abundance of time that might otherwise have been spent on manual admin work gathering the data manually.

Deciding Which Security Turnstile is Right For You

When deciding what security measures would work best for your building, the sheer volume of solutions available to you can be overwhelming. At Tag Systems, we know no two businesses are the same and require completely different measures to keep their sites secure.

That’s why our dedicated and experienced team will be happy to examine your needs and provide a consultation to help you make the most appropriate choice for your business. You can get in touch with us online, or drop us a call on 01427 666111 to arrange a consultation.