Heritage & Listed Property Security

How To Keep Your Listed Property Secure

With the increasing cost in lead, thieves are now commonly known for targeting heritage and listed properties up and down the country.

However, they don’t just target churches, they also focus on railway buildings, schools, stately homes and even residential properties. Making lead theft one of the most substantial risks to impact historical sites.

In terms of securing your listed property, using the more traditional methods will not be fully effective, however in this blog, we will go through the bespoke solutions we have at Tag Systems, alongside some additional information on how you can ease your worries on your heritage and listed properties.

The Process Of Our Bespoke System For Heritage & Listed Properties

At Tag Systems, we proudly continue to develop our bespoke solution, which is complete with a wireless security system that is purposely-designed to combat the lead theft crime wave.

This system consists of a detection cable which is specifically secured to leaded areas, alongside weather resistance and externally rated adhesive. Within each zone, typically between fifty and one hundred metres, will terminate with a small wireless transmitter that sends its unique signals to a base station installed inside the building in question.

Therefore, under any circumstance whereby any part of the cable would be broken or tampered with, such as would occur if a thief was attempting to remove the lead, our ‘TagAlarm’ will be activated for maximum safety. This will be activated in Tag Systems very own central monitoring station which is manned, 24/7 and monitors all alarm activities within a matter of seconds. 

As this analysis is completed by one of our experienced control room operators, they can monitor the location of the building and most importantly, the precise area on the roof which has been tampered with. On receipt of this, the common action we take is to notify the private security firm to investigate immediately and if the crime is verified, then the Police may be asked to respond to make the arrest.

Our systems can only be activated when the detection cable is physically disturbed, so you don’t need to worry about any false alarms. 

With our continuously positive results, we know that lead theft can be combated.

Find out more about how we can help you with your heritage and listed property security, here.

Intruder Alarms

As we continue to pioneer the development of our wireless intrusion detection systems, we continuously monitor the proven track record of success that they provide to properties.

Our intruder detection systems are quick and simple to install and can deliver major savings on your security expenditure, making this perfect if you have a low-security budget, especially during the lockdown, as the building will not be in much use.

Using these alarms can be a simple way to deter thieves from targeting your property. Plus, it is vital that you keep regular checks to see if they are fully fit for use.

To find out more about our wireless intruder alarm systems, click here.

Secure The Perimeter

Pasture Fence, Barbed Wire, Fencing, Caution, Metal

If you restrict the access points of your perimeter, then it will make it essentially more difficult for thieves to enter the premises and ultimately commit a crime.

If you have well-designed perimeter security, which could include walls, fences and electric security gates, then this can help prevent anyone from getting onto your property. This is especially ideal if the property is left for long periods of time, or not regularly occupied.

Also, consider restricting vehicle access onto your property, as it can highly limit what thieves can physically remove from your heritage sites and listed properties.

Lighting Is Key

Something as simple as effective outdoor lighting can be a technique to help deter thieves, as it becomes more difficult for them to hideaway.

You will also find that many security lighting systems are created with built-in motion sensors to detect any form of body movement. So, installing automatic interior lighting, or even simply putting them on a timer for when the property is empty, can help it look occupied and therefore deter potential burglars.


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The power of CCTV technology is continually improving, with many of them now fixed with motion sensors, night vision and much more to help catch potential thieves.

However, when looking into CCTV security for your property, you need to make sure you purchase remote 24/7 monitoring cameras that will alert you to any potential security threats. We are proud to provide this for you at Tag Systems.

To find out more information about our pioneering wireless CCTV systems, click here.

At Tag Systems, we are still here to help you. If you need to get in touch with anything related to our heritage & listed property security, or anything at all that can help your business, then feel free to give us a call on 01427 666111.