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How to Detect Intruders Before They Steal Your Stuff

Intruders cost companies millions of pounds every year, and it is not just financial loss, but business disruption, stress, inconvenience and the worry of it happening again, all play a toll. Prevention is better than cure and at the centre of any business security system, there needs to be a robust intruder detection system or IDS. It should ensure your security keeps on working when staff have gone home for the night and/or there is no physical presence on your business premises to keep intruders OUT and the contents of your business safely and securely IN.

How Secure Is Your Business?

Do you know if anyone is on your business premises when they are unoccupied? Are you aware of the vulnerable points of entry through the building could be accessed by a determined intruder? Which areas can they then freely roam and what expensive or sensitive equipment or information can they access and steal? When they do enter the premises that then protects the building and its contents from not only the risk of theft but vandalism and fire? Of course – no intruder detection system can mitigate all risk of entry and the damage that can ensue, but a robust professional system using the most up to date technology is undoubtedly the best, most cost-effective method of ensuring maximum security and minimum risk for your business premises.

The Answer to Your Security Needs

We can provide the answers and solutions to all your security needs because here at Tag Systems, we are the experts in delivering intruder detector systems that will raise the alarm the instant any breach of security is detected and before intruders even have a chance to steal your stuff!

We Pioneered the Development of Wireless Intruder Detection Systems

All of our IDS have a proven track record of success, are quick and simple to install and will deliver significant savings on security expenditure. We can protect your building whatever the size from small business premises to a large corporate building. Our intruder detection systems are the most sophisticated available on the market and yet surprisingly affordable, and our flexibility and adaptability ensure that we meet your exact needs and circumstances to keep you safe and secure, all year round.

Your IDS Will Always Be Awake and Alert

Unlike traditional security guards, our systems remove the element of human error and never go to sleep! They also don’t need to take tea or toilet breaks or spend hours browsing the internet instead of doing the job they are paid to do!

Our IDS work full-time all the time. They detect when your premises are entered, where intruders are active, and we monitor all of this remotely. Alarm response is arranged with top quality security guarding and key holding companies, and we also call on the police for verified alarms to stop any intruders in their tracks.

Our IDS Offer Cost-Effective 24/7 Intruder Detection

Manned guards and traditional night watchmen are expensive. Our intruder detector systems start from as little as £50 per week, and the flexibility of our systems means that if your site grows; your IDS can grow too, but you will only ever pay for what you need. Our IDS are bespoke systems meaning that you can choose from a range of systems and personalise them to suit the specific security and safety needs of your business premises.

Our IDS Are Fully Maintained

We will fully maintain your IDS system under a monthly contract, so you get a total service providing complete peace of mind. Our intruder detector systems are “stand-alone” in terms of operation, meaning that they do not need cabling, telephone lines or fixed power supplies. They are quick to install and easy to re-configure when necessary.

Our IDS Meet British Standards

Where appropriate, all our systems conform to the necessary British Standards and Codes of Practice and are supported by the Company’s own ISO 9001 accreditation.

Our IDS Is Versatile

Older more traditional intruder detector systems often work on mains electricity power and are vulnerable to power cuts or malicious damage resulting in a loss of security protection. Our systems are wireless and operated by battery, so they do not need fixed power supplies and telephone lines to work. This means that your Tag Systems IDS will always offer 100% maximum operational and security level.

The fact that all of our systems are wireless means that they are far less costly to install than traditional “fixed” intruder detector systems and also far more versatile – you can even move it from location to location as the need arises.

There is no need to worry that this flexibility means a loss in security protection. No matter how it is moved or used to suit your business premises needs; every one of Tag Systems intruder detector systems is still just as effective at combating crime or raising the alarm if and when an intruder enters.

Our IDS Are Fully Monitored

At the core of Tag Systems wireless intruder detection systems is our TagAlarm, and our extensive range of products and our central monitoring facility that is in continuous operation 24/7, 365 days a year. This means that our specially trained staff can always see what is happening on site and take immediate action if and when the need arises.

Speed is of the essence, and the efficacy of our IDS has repeatedly led to any criminals being caught red-handed!

Our IDS Are Suitable for Many Types of Business Premises

Our wireless intruder detection systems are designed for construction/building utility and commercial sites where many of these will be left unattended for significant periods of time. Although their very design and location may make them seem easy targets for criminals a Tag Systems IDS will ensure your premises are anything but!