Turnstile Access Control Gates

How to Control Entrance in a Co-working Space?

The demand for co-working spaces is increasing all over the world, roles such as freelancers, independent entrepreneurs and developers tend to prefer non-traditional offices. One of the main benefits of co-working spaces is the ability to come and go whenever you please. Even though these spaces are becoming a lot more popular, there is still the important question about security. In this blog, you can find some of the ways we suggest to keep your co-working space secure.

Turnstile Systems

Turnstile systems can be the starting point for your full site security, they can be modified to suit your specific needs. This includes biometric controls, swipe cards or fobs to manage the access to the building. 

There are different types of turnstiles that you can invest in, full-height, waist height, and standard gates.

Full Height Turnstiles – Our full height turnstiles are designed to exceed your expectations, providing you with maximum security, ideal for corporate buildings. 

Waist Height Turnstiles – These turnstiles are ideal for crowd control within the building. You can choose whether to have 3 or 4 arm turnstiles, along with different styles to suit you. 

Gate Solutions – At Tag Systems, we offer a variety of gate solutions that are designed to control traffic flow and reduce the risk of theft. We have cost-efficient mechanical self-closing gates and fully motorised 2-way auto gates, depending on your requirements. 

Biometric Readers

Biometric readers are becoming more and more popular, reducing the need for passwords or ID card authentication. Using biometric readers can help establish accountability within a business, as every action or transaction is recorded and documented. ID cards and passwords can be easily forgotten or lost, however, with biometric technology, you will not be required to remember anything which adds a lot of convenience for businesses. 

Biometric identification systems are easy to set up and install, reducing the need for intensive training and management costs. If your co-working space has many individuals working there, then it is good to know that biometric systems can be integrated with workforce time and attendance systems – All managed through a single computer. 

All of the Access Control systems that we offer can be modified to your specific needs with secure access options that can be added to suit. 

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