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High Fever? Access Denied

Do you run an office, own a bar, or manage a team in-store? If so, we bet you’ve been busy recently with lockdown gradually lifting and people getting used to the new normal. It’s great to see places busy again and people enjoying themselves, but it’s more crucial than ever that we remain safe.

Hands, face, space is very important, but let’s take it one step further to ensure the safety of your team and the general public. At TAG we have many incredible ways of allowing safe access into your business, but one of the best things we offer at the moment is the temperature screening thermo-graphic cameras that are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures.

You can use this for rapid and preliminary temperature screening with an accuracy up to +0.3c, with a temperature range of 30c to 40c +0.5c. The high sensitivity sensor and turret/bullet camera feature Al detection to reduce false alarms caused by other heat sources.

This means if you detect that someone’s temperature is high you’re able to ask them to not enter the building as a high temperature is a symptom of Covid-19. This can then help irradicate the risk of potentially spreading covid around your workspace and alert someone of the fact they should get tested.

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Going back to work can be daunting for many people who have not had close contact with people for a very long time. Thermal systems can help to eliminate a person’s contact in comparison to traditional ways of checking temperatures and can help teams feel safer in their working environment.

The thermal system is installed with advanced detectors and only takes one second to detect the skin-surface temperature of each person, and it can detect more than one person simultaneously making it time-effective for your workforce.

The system will automatically notify the operator, so you don’t have to wait for results, and is perfect for use at the entrance of your business. You can fix your thermal system to a turnstile or entrance door to make entering the building as simple and convenient for your workforce as possible. You can also team it with a facial recognition terminal that is powered by the latest innovations in facial biometrics, increasing your security and your new thermal system will provide a safe and secure workspace for your team and the public who visit you.

At Tag Systems we care about your safety, both with regards to your health and security, that is why we promote ‘Be Safe. Be Smart. Be Secure’. We are a leading company for security and have over 30 years of experience with 20 years as a European leader.

We offer the most effective solutions for your safety needs with a focus on flexibility, cost, and efficiency. All our customers receive a complete service from surveying and risk analysis to installation and maintenance, this combined makes our service the most complete service available. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to keep your workspace safe for all your lovely team, clients and customers.